Flash Gordon: New Series Trailer

I am an unabashed Flash Gordon fan. The classic Queen theme song is my ring tone on my phone. I just purchased the “Flash” from Stylin Online. The 1980 film adaptation is part of my trifecta of movie awesomeness along with Big Trouble in Little China & Transformers: The Movie. You can imagine my excitement when SciFi Channel announced that they were making a new Flash Gordon series. w00t! At this time there isn’t much known about the show. Entertainment Weekly did have a mini feature on the new show. This time around Flash is a world-class triathlete who gets sucked into Mongo through some wormholes. Count me in. Whoever this guy is, he’s got the look. I just hope that this new series embraces the lighter side of the character. It will be a nice balance to the uber-seriousness that is Battlestar Galactica.

A major point of contention has been whether this new series will use the iconic theme song by Queen. Well, Scramble Network linked up to the teaser trailer on Scifi.com, and if you listen closely you’ll hear a familiar tune. Absolutely stoked for this one. Now if just someone would call me I could hear that very same tune … sigh.

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