Shatner Definitely Won’t Be In Trek

As many of you are well aware I am a huge Star Trek fan. There’s been a good amount of buzz surrounding the new JJ Abram’s helmed Star Trek (beaming into theaters December 2008). For the hardcore fanbase, there has been a good amount of speculation as to what William Shatner’s involvement will be in this new film. Well from the mouth of the Shat himself, courtesy of his website “Shatner Vision”, he has no part whatsoever.

Talk about a dagger. I wouldn’t expect Shatner to get a huge part, but at least a nod … give him a cameo as a Starfleet Admiral or such nonsense. Shatner does confirm that Leonard Nimoy has a part in Star Trek, but doesn’t specify what exactly. The guys over at TrekMovie tend to think Nimoy will be playing Spock’s father, Ambassador Sarek. That’s the safe bet, and a fitting thank you to the fans that have supported to the franchise for the past 40 years.

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