Spider-Man Doesn’t Like Pederasts

One of my favorite things about collecting older comic books are the advertisements. In this past week’s haul there were ads for Fringe & The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Occasionally we’ll find a drink milk campaign ad or a back cover dedicated to the latest Japanese trading card game trend.

Twenty years ago there were mail-in offers for Hubba Bubba Helicopters and other ridiculous items like muscle building powder. What we don’t see too much of these days are public service announcements. While perusing some of my old Marvel GI Joe issues, I came across one of the awesomest comic book PSAs ever.

Spidey & Power Pack Don't Like Pederasts

Pure anti-pederast awesomeness. For only $1.00, we can get information as to how one can avoid those pesky sexual predators. I guess that’s what just needed to done pre-Chris Hansen.

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  1. that is too funny; i too love looking at the old advertisements in my collection of comic books.

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