LEGO Batman Is Full of Snarky Awesome

As any child who grew up during the Golden Age of LEGO which featured the likes of Space, Pirate, and Castle themes; I am thoroughly in love with the LEGO games of late. Most recently I picked up the LEGO Indiana Jones and found it to be equally as awesome as the Star Wars entry prior to it. When I first saw the LEGO Batman announced, I’ll admit my nipples got a little hard.

LEGO Batman hit shelves today, and needless to say I will be heading directly to the store after work to pick this one up. The depth of characters is entirely awesome … Clayface and Nightwing FTW!

What makes these games work so well is that they are geared to a huge demographic. Kids love them, as do nostalgic parents. Hardcore gamers might knock these titles for the lack of advanced graphics or a simple storyline, but they embrace their properties to their max while maintaining a certain level of snark.

Updated: September 23, 2008 — 4:40 pm

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