Here’s That Shiny New Enterprise Crew

It would be an egregious error on my behalf as the proprietor of a blog named in honor of a Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home reference if I failed to give my two cents on the recently released production stills from next summer’s Star Trek reboot.

I was tempted to comment on it last week, but being that I’d get my hands on them through official channels to sift through at extremely hi-res … well here it goes (at least for the two I found most interesting).

The New Crew of Stark Trek: Official Press Photos

So here’s the intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise (sans Mr. Spock), which despite some fanboy reactions, definitely looks the part. And how much does Karl Urban look like DeForrest Kelley? Great casting on that one. And why is Kirk’s command shirt black?

The New Crew of Stark Trek: Official Press Photos

To borrow an expression from my second favorite space captain, Malcolm Reynolds, the the bridge of this new Enterprise is shiny. I’m not such a stickler that every button and switch had to be replicated. They just needed to pay homage to the original, and I’m pleased with what they have going here. And you know what’s even better than the new bridge? The return of the miniskirt in space.

Word came late last week that the first theatrical trailer for Star Trek will be attached to Quantum of Solace. So if you happen to notice a bunch of portly guys with Vulcan ears on leaving before the new Bond flick starts … that would be the reason.

Updated: October 21, 2008 — 12:26 am

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