We’re Going For #6

Sunday’s domination of the San Diego Charges brings the Steelers just one step closer to an appearance in Super Bowl XXLIII. That had to be the best third quarter of football I’ve ever seen. It must be some kind of record, holding an offense to only 1 play and 0:17 of possession. While the score went a little higher than my prediction, it was complete and utter domination. My favorite YouTube from Sunday has to be Santonio “Steely McDong” Holmes’ punt return for a TD set to the Mario Bros. 8-bit soundtrack.

via [pittsburgh sports & mini ponies]

This weekend we face yet another match up with the hated divisional rivals the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship. It’s a well documented fact that Steelers/Ravens games are brutal. It was the Ravens after all, that jump started Big Ben’s career when Ray-Ray & Company effectively paralyzed Tommy Maddox in their first meeting in the 2004 season. The hate which the fans possess for their respective opponent is incalculable.

Sunday’s game won’t be easy. It will be a strong, defensive contest and I’m feeling confident and I will calling for another Steeler’s AFC Championship with 23-13 victory of Ray Ray’s Ravens.

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