Lamar Woodley Made The Favre Sad

I’ll be honest, my Pittsburgh Steelers talks has been somewhat diminshed this season. By no means have I turned in my membership card of Steelers Nation … I’ve just been busy. My post schedule is erratic and seemingly few and far between. This past Sunday’s victory against the Minnesota Vikings was phenomenal, especially due to the fact that the defense showed up BIG.

HA take that Favre and your ridiculous flowing blouse which you call a jersey.

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  1. first off I wanna say this site is pretty damn cool. But buddy, where the hell do you get off dissin favre? face it, gentle ben i mean big, will never even come close to the greatness of #4 hes never been able to throw as far even at half bretts age.Admit it you were sweatin that game big time, and you wouldnt have bet a dollar on the steelers to win. You name another qb that came to the end of his prime quit, and then came back for two different teams and led them to better then 500 seasons? not montana, Unitas,Namath,young,,terry meathead Bradshaw,or even that watchtower givin, john denver lovin, hillbilly butt munch john Elway, he was damn lucky to sqeeak out a ring at the end and not end up like kelly, Marino,and the other half dozen no good losers that cant sleep at night cause they know they came so close. And oh yeah how many years ago was it when elway won and then quit when his team had a very good chance at a repeat? 13? And since then Brett Farvre still has not missed one single game. Nobodys ever gonna touch his record, nomatter what the Favre haters say-Thats greatness. By the way do you really think I’m gonna like seeing him walk out on the frozen tundra, in stinkin purple?

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