Flash Gordon’s New Director Thinks The TV Show Sucked Too

Anyone who has been around DDOY knows that I am deeply and passionately in love with the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon. It is a movie that I have loved since the first time I saw back when I was 6 or 7 years old.

Flash Gordon has been around forever and rumors of a remake have been circling the Interwebs for years now. Various directors have been attached and casting wish lists have been made. The most recent incarnation of Flash Gordon was that shitty SyFy Channel hour long … which we all want to just forget about.

Over at io9, they have a brief interview with Director Breck Eisner whose latest The Crazies (itself a remake), who has picked up the cause of Flash Gordon and will be shepherding it back into theaters in the very near future.

For me, nothing will surpass the 1980 film. Maybe it’s the iconic theme song or the badassery of Brian Blessed … however Eisner won me over when he made the following statement in regards to the television series:

No. Not at all, [ughhh]. I thought the TV series was not good. I think it did a lot of damage to the brand. To do Flash Gordon right — one of the reasons you can’t is because of budget

Thank God. The man gets it! Also if you go to check out the rest of the interview he talks about what we will definitely be seeing more Hawkmen in his Flash Gordon.

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