GI Joe’s Ninja Force Was So Badass They Didn’t Need A Catchphrase

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Larry Hama fucking rules. His work on the Marvel GI Joe series is nothing short of epic, with 155 issues between 1982-1994. Slowly I’ve been trying to piece together the entire run, and I’m about half way there. One of my recent acquisitions is GI Joe #118, Destro – Search & Destroy! Part 3 of 3, in which Destro has allied himself with the Joes, in hopes of getting revenge (and the Baroness) on Cobra Commander. While I won’t go into a full review, one panel has to be highlighted for Larry Hama’s badassery

With the newly minted Ninja Force, headed into battle with the Night Creepers … Storm Shadow (now a good guy) informs one of the new guys that they don’t have a catch phrase … just silent death.


How did Paramount make such a campy GI Joe movie? All they needed to do was ask permission to borrow some of Larry’s stuff.

One thought on “GI Joe’s Ninja Force Was So Badass They Didn’t Need A Catchphrase

  1. Your last line is 100% correct. There’s so much excellent source material on GI Joe that it is amazing they cannot make a good movie. They keep trying to use the movies to open the property up to new fans, at the expense of disappointing the current (and rabid) fan base.

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