GI Joe’s Ninja Force Was So Badass They Didn’t Need A Catchphrase

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Larry Hama fucking rules. His work on the Marvel GI Joe series is nothing short of epic, with 155 issues between 1982-1994. Slowly I’ve been trying to piece together the entire run, and I’m about half way there. One of my recent acquisitions is GI Joe #118, Destro – Search & Destroy! Part 3 of 3, in which Destro has allied himself with the Joes, in hopes of getting revenge (and the Baroness) on Cobra Commander. While I won’t go into a full review, one panel has to be highlighted for Larry Hama’s badassery

With the newly minted Ninja Force, headed into battle with the Night Creepers … Storm Shadow (now a good guy) informs one of the new guys that they don’t have a catch phrase … just silent death.


How did Paramount make such a campy GI Joe movie? All they needed to do was ask permission to borrow some of Larry’s stuff.

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  1. Your last line is 100% correct. There’s so much excellent source material on GI Joe that it is amazing they cannot make a good movie. They keep trying to use the movies to open the property up to new fans, at the expense of disappointing the current (and rabid) fan base.

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