Optimus Prime Will Have a Trailer In Transformers 3

Despite my enormous love for the Transformers franchise, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen left a bad taste in my mouth. It was a product of the writer’s strike and seemed to be a couple of big action sequences strung together with a hackneyed storyline.

Did I still buy some of the toys? Of course I did, because that’s what fanboys like me do … we bitch about the movie but still go out and purchase the merchandise.

While I was well aware that production had begun for Transformers 3, and I was doing my best to stay spoiler free once again. However, when I stopped by TFW2005 (my Transformers fansite of choice), I had found that board member 245am was able to snap pictures on set in Chicago … of Optimus Prime with his motherfucking trailer!


And not only did 245am uncover this significant spoiler, but also took some pictures of some of the other Autobots in addition to what appeared to be NASCAR racers armed to the teeth. Fan speculation has that they could be Stunticons … which could lead to another combiner in Menasor. From 245am’s set report:

Saw a chase scene being filmed with several Autobots racing behind what looked like demolition derby cars… closed top with plastic net windows over the door windows, scrapped together bodies, etc. Mostly black with some color paint. My first thought was they were filming crew vehicles, and they might have been, but they also had sponsor decals (Gillette I saw for sure) and big racing numbers (again, 13 I saw for sure) and figured they wouldn’t put those on cars that weren’t being filmed. My first thought when I saw them: Stunticons, but that’s total conjecture.

Michael Bay may have gotten me excited about the next Transformers flick … but we all know better than to trust him. Serious Bay, do NOT fuck this up.

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