Game Over Man! Aliens Is Coming To Blu Ray

As I’ve discussed before, when I made the jump to Blu Ray my wife made me promise that I wouldn’t double dip from my nearly 200+ standard DVD collection. However I got her to agree to a small number of movies that I could repurchase on the new format. Among those titles are Big Trouble in Little China, Star Trek: First Contact, and Sunshine.

One of the top titles on that list was Aliens, my favorite James Cameron film and arguably the gold standard for sci-fi action. After what seems like an eternity Fox has unveiled their plans for a brand new Alien Anthology set for release October 26, 2010.

The Aliens Anthology will include all for Alien films with tons of special features, including over 60 hours of behind the scenes footage. While some of the features were already released on the rather ridiculous sounding Alien Quadrilogy, this definitely looks like a set worth owning. The standard set is up for pre-order over at Amazon at $97.99, while the snazzier Alien Egg Version will set you back $149.99.

Source: Merrick at [AICN]


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  1. Dude, you have to double dip for Blu-Ray. It would be pointless to have one and deprive yourself of the glory of some of the greatest sci-fi action movies in high def. My policy is this: If it is a core nerd movie/action movie then I will get it in blu-ray. That means I own the entire original cast Star Trek movies on Blu-Ray, I’ve got T1 and T2, ect.. If it’s just some comedy, TV series, or something I don’t NEED to see in high def then it stays a DVD or I just rent it. Examples of this are my monty python series box set or Terminator 3.

  2. You’re right, core nerd movie/action should be on Blu-Ray. That’s why I have District 9, Iron Man, TF 1&2, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk & T2 (among others).

    Right now I only have ST IV, First Contact, and Star Trek (2009) on Blu. I’m slowly working on the rest of the Original Crew, I can do without Insurrection & Nemesis.

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