GI Joe’s The Pit, The Only Thing Worth Visiting In Staten Island

There are few things I love in comics more than the crazy cutaways of secret bases and headquarters. Jack Kirby was well known for working these up, which have been documented rather superbly by the folks over at Comic Book Cartography.

I found this cutaway while leafing through GI Joe Yearbook #1. It’s a Classified File detailing the five subterranean levels of “The Pit” which was the GI Joe’s base that was secretly located underneath the Chaplains Assistant School’s motor pool at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island, New York.


This is the kind of stuff that just blew my mind as a kid. That someone had figured out where the Joes slept, eat, trained, and even watched movies. It’s also one of the aspects of comics that get missed nowadays … the fun factor.

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