Leonard Nimoy Returns To Transformers As Sentinel Prime

After a two month hiatus what greater news to come back to than that of Leonard Nimoy voicing an Autobot in Transformers: Dark of The Moon. Nimoy is not a newbie to the Transformers mythology. In the 1986 animated film Nimoy voiced the Decepticon Galvatron (who was in fact a reformatted version of Megatron).

According to Entertainment Weekly he will be voicing Sentinel Prime:

the predecessor of Optimus Prime whose wrecked body is seen in the teaser trailer, found crash-landed on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969. Later, after being brought to earth, he takes the disguise form of a fire engine in the movie’s massive, climactic battle through Chicago.

I’ll stop there for I have a great fear that my head will explode by the merging of my two favorite properties, Star Trek & Transformers. Michael Bay has once again proven that he is awesome.

News Credit [TFW2005]

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