Ray Park Returns as Snake Eyes for GI JOE 2

Despite it’s flaws, I genuinely enjoyed GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. It was a decent concept that ultimately got bogged down in Stephen Sommers-isms (which I’ve already discussed here at length).

With the announcement that Jon Chu would be taking over directing duties on the sequel, I was encouraged by his thoughts on the franchise. In an interview that was posted at Slashfilm regarding a new project, Chu had these sentiments to share regarding his experiences with GI Joe growing up:

I think it’s not just another action movie. Maybe the first one was that, but we’re really trying to break it down and take the shine off and show that my Joes were the ones in the mud, the sand and the trees and in the epic worldwide adventures. Each one had individual talents. So we really want to bring the experience of what I grew up with playing with these toys. What it feels like so that kids now can be reintroduced to the Joes and experience it in a different way. This is like down and dirty Joe for me.

I especially like that he emphasized the indivudal talents of the members of the Joe team. If I had a gripe, it would be that GI JOE: TRoC stripped Duke, Hawk, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, & Heavy Duty of their individuality … which is what made the toys great to begin with.

And even better news, Ray Park confirmed on Twitter that is coming back as Snake Eyes in what is being tentatively titled GI JOE 2: Cobra Strikes.


[News Credit] The Terrordrome

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