It’s Still Scary: The Real Ghostbusters “The Boogeyman Cometh”

It’s been pretty well documented that I’m a gigantic Ghostbusters fan, and as a kid I was a fervent watcher of The Real Ghostbusters. Not too long ago I started revisiting the cartoon and found it to hold up rather well. The late 80s were a boon for animated series that were essentially 22 minute long toy commercials. While I never committed The Real Ghostbusters to memory, there are few episodes that have stood out over time and one such is the episode “The Boogeyman Cometh”.

I didn’t like the Boogeyman as a kid and I certainly didn’t like him on my TV while I was trying to eat my Lucky Charms. The animated incarnation of the Boogeyman utilizes portals within his realm to access kids’ closets (inspiration for Monsters Inc. maybe).

Couple that with the fact that he had goat legs, a creepy voice by none other than Frank Welker (he also did Soundwave, Megatron, and Fred from Scooby Doo), and a ridiculous haircut … the Boogeyman was a recipe for childhood nightmares.


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  1. This gave me nightmares to the point that i was banned from watching this cartoon lmao and it was my favorite

    1. As a whole The Real Ghostbusters still holds up and every once in a while there was an episode that gave me the heebie jeebies.

  2. I still think about the Boogeyman episode of Ghost Busters from time-to-time. Still scares me and I’m 32 years old! Every time someone says “the Boogeyman” … THIS is what I think of. My mind flashes to that goat leg creeping out of the closet…and that voice. G’aaaaah!

  3. I have to admit it was my favorite episode as well. I’m glad it was a sunny day when I first saw that episode.

    1. Wow that just scared me like that’s you’re fav

  4. The boogeyman was giving me nightmares for 5 years that episode the boogeyman comith and the boogeyman is back and the. Movie from 2011 still creeps me out I can’t even go to sleep about it jus goat legs and his eyes and elephant ears and his big rabbies mouth and sharp teeth gives me nightmares although ghostbusters you just scared me for years

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