The League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Where Are They Now?

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to participate in the second assignment set forth for The League.  This week, Brian from Cool & Collected challenged members with the following

The 80′s and 90′s were filled with kids and teens in the movies. Which movie would you like to see a sequel made in 2012 with the original cast members, who have aged the same as you and me.


I think for many of my generation, the obvious choice would be The Goonies.  While I have a certain affinity for that flick, it pales in comparison to The Monster Squad.  To this day, I still think it has the best ‘modern’ interpretation of the Universal monsters.  What makes The Monster Squad so appealing is that a movie which prominently features kids cursing, bullying, smoking, talking about tits, and firing guns would never get a PG-13 rating in 2012 … let alone released. Weren’t the 1980s a beautiful thing?

I’d have to imagine that The Monster Squad 2: Monster Harder (just a working title) would show a group of late twenty somethings whose greatest accomplishment was fighting the forces of darkness before they reached high school.  Much like Olympic Gymnasts, their best years are behind them.  Horace can only get so many free meals on his epic take down of Gill Man.

Let’s be honest, just because you sent Dracula into a vortex doesn’t mean that he’s gone.  I can definitely envision a story where the kids (now adults) have to sharpen their stakes and melt down their good silverware once more to finally end the threat of the living dead claiming their world.  All I really want, is a new version of my favorite montage of any film put out during the 1980s.


Seriously, how can you beat that montage?  And with that, feel free to check out other members of the League and their musings on this week’s topic:

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