Is The Back To The Future Hoverboard A Justifiable Nerd Purchase?

When Mattel announced their Back To The Future II Hoverboard replica back at Toy Fair I nearly lost my mind.  Prior to the show there was no indication that something of that scale was in the works.  And it took a lot of people by surprise.  What was even more suprising was that they did not have a prototype on display, and they announced that there would be a pre-order starting in March and a price really was not discussed.

While Mattel has done a very good job with the Ghostbusters replica PKE Meter and Ghost trap, forking over $120 for something sight unseen is a leap of faith.  To address those concerns, Mattel posted the following on their forums regarding the features that are being included in this replica.

There have been a few top line questions about our amazing new prop replica, so I’d like to try and hit them all here. So what exactly does the Hoverboard do?The Board will do pretty much everything the “real” Hoverboard does in the movie – except actually Hover.

It will be made of plastic and will house electronics, so as the board is “moved” (i.e., pushing it with your foot or kicking it across the floor) it will make all of the film accurate noises, including the “whoosh” and “buzzing” noises. All will be sampled directly from the original movie sound effects (provided by our amazing partners at Universal!). It will gently glide over most flat surfaces, but as hovering technology is not expected to be invented until 2015, it does not actually leave the ground.

The sound effects are being added in a very amazing way. The speaker vibrates the sound through the plastic giving it that film accurate organic magic (and preventing us from adding film inaccurate sound holes!)It really is an amazing sensation causing sound and just the right amount of humming as it detects side to side as well as forward and backward momentum. Pick it up and it will detect this as the board instantly turns off just like Marty’s did!

As an added bonus to anyone who pre-orders Mattel is throwing in a 6″ scale hoverboard that can be used with the appropriately scaled action figures.  Is this a sign of a BTTF action figure line?  Nothing official as of yet, but with the way that Mattel has handled other movie lines (ahem Ghostbusters) it would a mixed blessing.  While I would love to have this on my nerd mantel, I’m just having a hard time committing to this either way.  Maybe once a review shows up somewhere I might be able to pull the trigger.
Credit: [ToyArk]

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