Toy Hunting At Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con

I enjoy the obscure vintage toy line as much as the next guy; but I saw lots of Megos, vintage Masters of the Universe, and GI Joe going for prices WAY above market value.  This valuation is driven by two factors: 1) paying off the insane booth rental fees at the Con and 2) Travel Channel’s hit shot Toy Hunter.

During my wanderings I documented some of my favorite finds that I most definitely could not afford or risk bringing home and having to explain said purchase to my wife.

Vintage GI Joe

Vintage GI Joe Sky Raven — Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2013

A sealed GI Joe Sky Raven, which was going for $400 at the Con. A repaint of the very popular Cobra Night Raven, but the savvy eBayer can pick one of these up for around $250.00

Kenner's Sherwood Forrest Playset

Kenner’s Sherwood Forrest Playset

I thoroughly respect anyone who has had this Sherwood Forrest playset sitting in their garage since the release of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  I’m sure someone walked away with this for $75 at the end of the show on Sunday.  

Remants of the much maligned Street Fighter ... err GI Joe Street Fighter line from Hasbro

Remants of the much maligned Street Fighter … err GI Joe Street Fighter line from Hasbro

 This dealer wanted $40 a piece for these figures which is a complete non-starter.  He also had a slew of vehicles from the Street Fighter line as well.  I remember getting some of these for a steal at KB Toys.

Tally Hawk!

Tally Hawk!f

This Silverhawks electric toothbrush holder/electronic figurine was quite simply the greatest thing I saw all weekend.  I never even knew this thing existed, and those are the finds I enjoy the most.  

MIB Playmates' Starship Enterprise-D

MIB Playmates’ Starship Enterprise-D

Despite the lurid instructions to PRESS HERE, this dealer was not having it.  When asked if I could test the electronics (because I wanted to make an offer) he removed it from the table.  Ass clown.



Another dealer had a bin full of broken GI Joe vehicles from anywhere from $12-$15 a piece.  Very dirty, but some really great vintage items in that Rubbermaid tote of despair.  


And what did I walk away with you ask? Two very cool figures … a carded Nightfighter Robocop from the Kenner Robocop and the Ultra Police line and a Star Trek Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Chief Medical Officer Raphael.  Look for reviews on both coming up shortly.


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