RoboCop, Dino-Riders, & Spider-Man … The Marvel Action Universe

Spider-Man. Robocop. Dino-Riders.  The Marvel Action Universe lineup could very well be one of the greatest blocks of animated programming in history. Running in syndication from 1988-1990, the Marvel Action Universe featured some new series like RoboCop and Dino-Riders as well as rebroadcasts like Defenders of The EarthThe Incredible HulkDungeons & Dragons, and The New Fantastic Four.



Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

marvelactionuniverseLooking back I cannot help but laugh at the complete insanity of taking Paul Verhoeven’s RocoCop and sanitizing it so the point it was a suitable cartoon for children.  But hey, Kenner had to sell some toys right?

And Dino-Riders was one of the many dinosaur themed cartoons from the late 1980s.  How can we forget Dino Saucers and Denver The Last Dinosaur?  I’m sure most people did but you cannot deny the sheer awesomeness of the Dino-Riders toyline from Tyco (which still command a very high price on the secondary market).

Look at this ad I scanned from an old comic book.  How can you not be excited for this show? Spider-Man is hanging out with a Brontosaurus with rocket launchers and freaking cyborg police officer! My five year old brain was exploding with sheer, unadulterated joy.

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