Advent Figure Review Day 9 – Kraang’s Turtle Target Practice


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When it was announced that LEGO would be producing licensed construction sets based on the new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series the nerd world rejoiced.  Once the sets were revealed it was quite clear that LEGO was not going to make it a cost effective venture to obtain all of four of the ninja teens; by my own accounting it would cost nearly $90.00 to them all (and that is not including the supporting characters).


While I was able to snap up all four turtles without having to submit myself to the secondary market, however I had to sacrifice one of the Turtles’ antagonists … Kraang.  Now for the LEGO collector polybags often become white whales.  They are sighted sporadically, and they end up costing you dearly at the end of the hunt.

This hunt is only intensified when the polybag in question is from a licensed property .. enter Kraang’s Turtle Target Practice.  At 36 pieces and roughly 90 seconds of actual build time, the $4.99 MSRP gets you Kraang, little Turtle voodoo dolls, and a very alien looking laser turret.  If you are a completist on a budget like me, there is no reason not to track down Kraang’s Turtle Practice down immediately.


While Kraang’s Turtle Target Practice gives the collector’s what they want, a vital character at a reasonable price point this little polybag really does stand on its own and would be a welcome addition to any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan.



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