Thundercats LIVE! Was The Stuff of Nightmares

thunder_live_00About a year ago I made mention of how in my youth I attended Thundercats LIVE! at the Philadelphia Civic Center.  The show was produced by Rankin/Bass & Lorimar and toured major U.S. cities during 1987 and featured a variety of characters based on their syndicated cartoons, aside from the eponymous Thundercats there were their cousins the Silverhawks and Tigersharks along with Gumby & Pokey, the Street Frogs and Karate Kat.  The 90-minute stage show was a guided tour led by a roller skating Gumby & Pokey that somehow shoehorned all of these Rankin/Bass properties into a cohesive narrative.

To this day I really do not remember much about the show, but it’s late at night and I found myself with nothing better to do but to dig through the Interwebs to uncover everything I could about this infamous event.

Not much evidence is left out there save for a few dedicated Thundercats fan sites like, but the images we do have available are just chock full of everything cringe worthy about the 1980s.



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  1. It really is amazing how close Carrot Top is to being that guy that is Lion-o.

    1. It really is an uncanny resemblance … but that Snarf …. HOLY SHIT! The Silverhawks portion of this show was really impressive (at least it was at the time) with them flying in on wires, unfortunately I was unable to dig up any pictures of their set.

  2. I’m so glad that you liked the Silverhawks portion, as I played Lt Quicksilver on the tour. As well as Mako of the Tigersharks and one of the Street Frogs. While I have pictures of the set, for fear of copyright infringement I don’t want to post. There was a large 8 ft high square stage with an elevator platform in the middle used for entrances and exits. On two sides of the stage was a ramp dropping down to a small 5 ft high platform, then ramps connected to each platform going down to ground level in the shape of a track for bikes and skaters to go around. The flying was done by Foy who flew Peter Pan in the stage productions. It was fun though there were a few times we had issues getting unclipped and they began raising the cables while one side was still connected. But that’s live theater. Lorimar videotaped the production but the cast was never given a copy and I have never seen one surface.

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