LEGO Unveils Another Unobtainable Comic Con Exclusive

If anything has been consistent about the pop culture nexus that is San Diego Comic Con is that year after year The LEGO Group’s exclusives remain the most ridiculously difficult to obtain for non-attendees.  It appears that the 2015 slate of exclusives will continue that trend; with the latest, an awesome brick built homage to Action Comics #1.


The 145-piece set does a pretty remarkable job of recreating Joe Shuster’s iconic comic book cover.  Like the other exclusives from The LEGO Group, a raffle will be held on site each day to determine who will be able to then lineup and purchase this set, which will sell for $39.99.  Expect this set to be at $250.00 on the secondary market by the time the first scalper clears the booth.


via [The Brick Fan]

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