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Transformers Dark of The Moon “Iridescent” Trailer

The spots for Transformers: Dark of The Moon have been slowly cluing us in to what appears to be an amped up level of badassery that is in store for us June 29th. Of the all that I’ve seen so far, this 1:34 long clip is set to Linkin Park’s “Iridescent”, (featured on the movie’s soundtrack) really sets the tone for Michael Bay’s latest (and last?) entry in the Transformer franchise.

I know is said this before Revenge of the Fallen but I can’t wait to see this.

Credit: [Transformers Live Action Movie Blog]

Transformers: Dark of The Moon Gets A New Poster

I haven’t been a big fan of the posters that have been released to date for Transformers: Dark of The Moon. However, this brand new IMAX 3D poster featuring a very bad ass Optimus Prime amidst the destruction of downtown Chicago is impressive.

Fandango got the exclusive premiere, and I hope that I will be able to track down this one sheet in the near future.

Credit: [Fandango & Blogomatic 3K]

The Wreckers, An Elite Autobot Unit That Loves NASCAR

As a die hard Transformers fan I was giddy with excitement that it was announced that The Wreckers would be appearing in Transformers: Dark of The Moon. In the constantly evolving Transformers Universe, The Wreckers were an elite Autobot Commando Unit with a rotating roster ranging from Springer and Ultra Magnus to Perceptor and Broadside.

In the Movie-verse, the Wreckers are NASCARs loaded to the gills with weapons made for nailing Decepticon ass. The identity of the Wreckers have been known for a while, with the crew made up of Roadbuster, Topspin, & Leadfoot and have been embraced by the fans (for the most part). Both Roadbuster and Topspin bear homages to the G1 incarnations in the primary color of their decos. While Leadfoot comes from the G2 lineup of Autobots.

Earlier in the week TFW2005 got their hands on official CGI renders of The Wreckers.

Even though Topspin has a mullet and Leadfoot has Cybertronian beer belly I’m looking past the NASCAR fan stereotypes and looking forward to seeing them in glorious IMAX 3D at the end of the month.

News Credit [TFW2005]

Diora Baird’s Orion Cosplay FTW

Following celebrities on twitter brings you two things: insight into their ridiculous lifestyle and horrifyingly creepy comments from other twitter users whenever they post a twitpic. Por ejemplo, check out any picture that Stacy Kiebler has ever posted, the comments will give you douche chills.

Now when Star Trek was going into production, I followed everyone associated with the picture. I needed to know ever possible detail (while remaining spoiler free). One such individual I followed was Diora Baird, an uber hottie, who was cast as an Orion in the film.

Today, because I was bored and I started sifting through her timeline to find the hottest Star Trek cosplay self shots ever posted on twitter.

Sadly, Ms. Baird’s work never made it into the final cut of the film. It’s actually quite a funny scene, and apparently the Paramount lawyers wiped all traces of it from the internet … so grab the DVD.

Someone is Stealing The Enterprise

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock rules for many reasons: Bones channeling Spock’s Katra and acting the fool, Doc Brown as a Klingon, and the emotionally charged destruction of the NCC-1701.

Watching the hull of the Enterprise burn up in the atmosphere of Genesis always makes me tear up. However, there is nothing that makes me happier than when Kirk and his loyal crew steal the Enterprise from Space Dock. Maybe it’s James Horners fantastic score or maybe it’s the lonely space janitor watching the Enterprise glide towards the space doors.

I have no other reason for posting this other than it fucking rules. Enjoy.

If anything, this proves that James T. Kirk > Jean Luc Picard. When did Picard ever have to steal his own ship? NEVER. He may have disobeyed orders, but he never stole THEN self destructed the flagship of the United Federation of Planets.

DDOY Didn’t Pull Goldblum, We’re Still Alive

To say that I have been MIA would be quite the understatement, with all but a handful of posts during the last two months, I have been rather preoccupied with occurrences in both my professional and personal life. With that behind me, I’m working on getting back a to a regular schedule here at DDOY HQ.

And to make it up to you all, here’s a video montage of kittens doing cute things.


Lamar Woodley Made The Favre Sad

I’ll be honest, my Pittsburgh Steelers talks has been somewhat diminshed this season. By no means have I turned in my membership card of Steelers Nation … I’ve just been busy. My post schedule is erratic and seemingly few and far between. This past Sunday’s victory against the Minnesota Vikings was phenomenal, especially due to the fact that the defense showed up BIG.

HA take that Favre and your ridiculous flowing blouse which you call a jersey.

LEGO Overlords Be Damned! The Pirate Advent Calendar is Mine

HAHA LEGO overlords! My wife has thwarted you and your silly rule of non-City Advent Calendars in the United States. As a geniunely awesome surprise, my wife had a former co-worker who lives in Germany order and then ship the Pirate Advent calendar to me in the US of A.

The only dagger is that I have to wait until December 1st to get started. In the mean time I will spend hours staring at it, wondering how truly awesome LEGO Pirates really are.


Vegas, Baby

At approximately 7:00am EST I will be departing from Philadelphia International Airport for Las Vegas for my best friend’s week long bachelor party. I hope to come back with some cash in my pocket, and hopefully at least even.

I’ll be posting updates via my Twitter account, so check them out if you are so inclined. If not, I guess I’ll be back here at the end of the week.


Optimus Does The Top Ten, Letterman FTW

Before I lapse into a coma after coming off of night work, here’s the video of Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) reading the “Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Spoken By A Giant Robot” on the Late Show with David Letterman.

After viewing this clip, I firmly believe that Cullen should do the voice-over work for everything. Screw James Earl Jones, Dennis Hasbert, and Keifer Sutherland, I will sheepishly purchase anything that Optimus is hawkin’. Suddenly I have the urge to purchase Jurgens and watch Sex in the City.

Credit: GeekStuffOG via Twitter

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