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Unhealthy Obsession #72: Julia Benson

If you follow me on Twitter (@doubledumbass) you may be aware of my fixation on actress Julia Benson, who most recently portrayed 2nd Lt. Vanessa James on Stargate: Universe. While the show floundered after a bit, losing it’s purpose and getting mired in trite characterizations; the one thing that remained constant was the eternal hotness of Julia Benson.

I’ll be in my bunk.

Unhealthy Obsession #12: Jet Li in Kiss of The Dragon

In the realm of martial arts flicks, there are the standbys like Enter The Dragon and modern classics like Drunken Master. One film that I feel is woefully overlooked is the 2001 release Kiss of The Dragon.

Kiss of the Dragon was my first exposure to Jet Lit outside of his role in Lethal Weapon 4. The story is relatively simple, Li is a police officer sent on assignment from Hong Kong. While there he gets mixed up with corrupt French police and befriends an American hooker played by Bridget Fonda (who never looked dirtier and hotter). Li gets set up, and sets out to kick the shit out of everyone in Paris. I assure you that it is in fact pure awesome.

It’s definitely a B movie, but damn is it fun. Right now you can pick it up over at Amazon on Blu-Ray for less than $12.00.

Unhealthy Obsession #78: Billy Mays’ Infomercials

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get enough Billy Mays‘ infomercials. It might be his Chuck Norris esque-beard or perhaps it is his complete inability to use his voice below 90 decibels; but I have an incredibly hard time in restraining myself from calling to purchase whatever ridiculous product he’s shilling.

Vince Offer aka “The Sham Wow Guy” can take his shammies and shove them up his ass. Can he hand the power of Billy Mays’ Awesome Auger? I think not. I’m pretty sure if you would do some digging, you find some childrens’ remains in the basement of Sham Wow HQ.

However, despite assertions that Billy Mays is infallible and free of Original Sin, the Interwebnetz has turned up contradictory evidence.

Unhealthy Obsession #12: Briana Evigan

The only thing I know about Briana Evigan is that she dances … in the rain. She’s the star of the latest urban street dancing opus, Step Up 2 The Streets. I have not nor will ever be a fan of the genre, as I am painfully white and way out of the demographic for this flick. I’ll admit, I was a sucker for this trailer that featured Ms. Evigan dancing all slutty like in the rain.

I think that these kids look like a bunch of assholes, on par with that whole Soulja Boy dance. And don’t worry guys, she’s over 18 so you don’t have to feel creepy about this (at least that’s what I tell myself). That being said, Briana Evigan is officially my unhealthy obsession #12

Unhealthy Obsession #23: Alisyn Camerota

It’s an undeniable that the Fox News Channel leads all major news outlets in terms of hot news girls. Perhaps my favorite is Alisyn Camerota who is the token news reader and woman on the street for the Fox & Friends morning show. Each morning I hold out hope for that upskirt shot. Her behind the scenes blog isn’t too bad either, I try and glean every bit of information I can … can you blame me? A quick scouring of the YouTube leads me to believe that I am not the only person with an unhealthy obsession of Alisyn Camerota.

(I apologize in advance for the Fergie soundtrack in advance)

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