The Convention Season Starts Early with The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

gpcc_logoIt seems as though the convention season is getting a jump start in a few short weeks when the The Great Philadelphia Comic Con gets underway April 3-5 in Oaks, PA.  This independent show boasts a guest list full of Star Trek and Power Rangers alumni along with some notable comic veterans which will delight fans of all ages.

Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Seth Gilliam (The Walking Dead, The Wire), George Takei (Star Trek), J. August Richards (Marvel’s Agents of Shield), Austin St. John (Power Rangers), Peter David (The Incredible Hulk, Babylon 5) and Jim Steranko ( S.H.I.E.L.D.) are all scheduled to appear over the course of the weekend.

Why spend the holiday weekend with your family when the guy who played Zordon’s head in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is going to be a short ride from your home?  VIP packages, three day passes and single day admission is available for purchase. For hours, directions and more information head on over to the internet home of The Great Philadelphia Comic Con.


The Most Unlikely Howard The Duck Cameo of 2014 Was in a Kid’s Movie

Last weekend I was watching Planes: Fire and Rescue for the second time in as many days with my kids when I came upon the most ridiculous Marvel easter egg to date, a fleeting glimpse of a case for Howard The Truck presented by George Lexus.


As unnecessary Planes: Fire and Rescue is, I would really really like to see Howard The Truck and see how Disney would tackle the awkward sex scene between Lea Thompson and a mid-size pickup truck.

Here’s Our First (Blurry) Look At The Upcoming LEGO Kwik-E-Mart

Last summer saw the release of (71006) The Simpsons House a 2500 piece behemoth that long time of the fans of America’s first family giddily embraced.  One of the long held rumors within the online LEGO community was that there would be another set based on The Simpsons coming in 2015.  And as early as last fall there were persistent unconfirmed reports that we would see Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s iconic convenience store in 2015 which many (myself included) were very skeptical of.

Today a user on LEGO fan forum Eurobricks posted a blurry snapshot of the upcoming set, which is believed to be slated for release on May 1st.

via lego_sid on Instagram

via lego_sid on Instagram

I fully expect this set to come in at a 2500 piece count and $199.99.  There’s so much detail on the front, I just cannot wait to see what the inside looks like.  I will be sure to update as soon as non-potato quality pictures make themselves available.

via [The Brick Fan & Eurobricks]

‘Mad Max Fury: Road’ Has Officially Reached Ludicrous Speed

I remember reading about the development of Mad Max: Fury Road back in the days of 56K modems and Usenet newsgroups.  And to be completely honest I never believed that George Miller would ever return to the post-apocalyptic Australian wastelands to continue the legend of “Mad” Max Rockatansky.

This summer the long gestating sequel will finally be in theaters with Tom Hardy taking over the titular role of Mad Max and I could not be any more excited.

A new international trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road hit the Interwebz earlier this week giving us a few new shots of the ludicrous action full of explosions, desert mutants and beautiful women in chastity belts.

Mad Max: Fury Road is in theaters May 15. 2015

Arm Chair Toy Fair ’15 – Ultra Magnus Surprises, Terminator Goes MegaBloks & Kotobukiya’s Hulkbuster


It is proving to be infinitely difficult trying to keep up with the bevy of announcements that came out of Toy Fair.  While many were disappointed about the lack of new Star Wars product due to pending release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, several properties from film, comics and television surprised everyone with some great new product for 2015.

Ultra Magnus Makes a Surprise Appearance – Despite my lifelong love affair with the Transformers, I can honestly say I have not actually purchased one in three years.  That may all change with the Generations Leader Class Ultra Magnus, which is based on his current look from the IDW Comics continuity.


Of all the reveals at this year’s Toy Fair I may have to say as a HUGE fan of the Generation One inspired Generations line … Ultra Magnus may be my favorite so far, even if he can’t hold onto the Matrix of Leadership for more than five minutes.  [via TFW2005]

Image via Action Figure Insider

Image via Action Figure Insider

Terminator Genisys Goes Mega Bloks?!?

It looks as though Mega Bloks picked up the license for construction sets based on the upcoming film Terminator Genisys.  During Mattel’s “collector’s event” Sunday morning they had a rather impressive T-800 bust on display.

This is a huge step up for the Terminator franchise being that the last construction sets were made by a cheap Chinese LEGO-knock off company.

I have not seen any details regarding the license, but from what was on display it appears that the sets coming out this year are for the new film only.  I will update accordingly as more information makes its way onto the Internet.  As a LEGO loyalist, I have typically veered away from Mega Bloks; but it seems like they have done a good job with their HALO, Call of Duty and Titanfall construction sets. [via Action Figure Insider]

Hulkbuster! Hulkbuster! HULKBUSTER!!!!  From everyone that was on the ground at Toy Fair, it was clear that Marvel is doubling down on Tony Stark’s fan favorite suit of armor to be a big seller later this year.  Of everything Hulkbuster related, I must say that I am completely in lust Kotobukiya’s Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster ArtFx statue.


Image via Toy News International


Release date and MSRP is still to be decided, but figure on the second half of 2015 with a price point around $250.00 [via ToyNewsI]

Finally, A Felicity Smoak I Can Take Home Without Being Arrested – DC Collectibles showed off the latest action figures from the pair of highly successful CW series The Flash and Arrow.  Later this year fans can expect a masked Oliver Queen as Arrow, Arsenal, John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.  On The Flash side of things we will get Barry Allen as The Flash along with Captain Cold. [via ToyArk]



Arm Chair Toy Fair 2015 – TMNT LEGO No More, NECA’s Power Loader, Diamond Select Takes on “Ghostbusters” & More

ArmchairSDCC14Toy Fair International is running throughout off the weekend at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York City and lots of press releases and photographs of the latest and greatest in nerd culture is hitting the Interwebz.

The collector’s event for Hasbro is taking place Saturday afternoon with Mattel’s big event scheduled for early Sunday morning.  Until then, I have gathered some of the biggest surprises and reveals to date.  Keep an eye out here all weekend for the latest and greatest from Toy Fair 2015!

TMNTlegonomoreTMNT LEGO NO MORE!!! – Mattel and Nickelodeon announced in a press release that beginning in 2016 Mega Bloks will be producing construction sets based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  LEGO will obviously sell out their remaining stock based on the current animated series as well as the lackluster sets based on the 2014 live action movie.

I fully expect the first wave of TMNT LEGO sets will see their secondary market prices increase in the coming months. [via The Brick Fan]

“Get away from her you bitch!” — After much anticipation NECA revealed the prototype for of Lt. Ellen Ripley and her Power Loader from the science fiction classics Aliens.

Image via Toy News International

Image via Toy News International

The folks at Toy News International have a really good look at everything NECA has in the works, including their continuing Pacific Rim, 8-bit tribute figures and a 12″ Christopher Reeves as Superman.   [via Toy News International]

Diamond Select Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost! — It looks as though the good people at Diamond Select Toys quietly picked up the license to make action figures based on Ghostbusters!  In their booth they had prototypes of Ray Stanz and Winston Zedmore on display and from the initial look it appears they learned from Mattel’s  bungling of the license are doing everything right. [via The Fwoosh]

Gordon’s Alive!?! — Bif Bang Pow is rolling out a line of 3.75″ scale action figures based on the characters of the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon.  The first wave will include: Flash Gordon, Prince Vultan, Prince Baron, Ming the Merciless and Princess Aura.



As a youth my GI Joes would have done unspeakable things to a 3.75″ Princess Aura … just saying.

[via Action Figure Insider]

Here’s Enough “Big Trouble in Little China” Funko POP! To Fill A Six-Demon Bag!

I’m fairly impressed that I’ve been able to avoid the urge to collect Funko POP! figures considering that Funko has licensed everything from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to The Muppets.  That streak may be ending with the announcement of the Big Trouble in Little China Funko POP! figures.

FU_BTiLC_JBMost of the main players from John Carpenter’s cult classic will be available in this highly collectible format including Gracie Law and David Lo Pan along with the Three Storms: Thunder, Rain and Lightning.  It does make me a little sad that Wang Chi and The Chinese Wildman did not get any love this time around.

You know what is even better? Funko also announced a series of Big Trouble in Little China retro-styled ReAction action figures.  These limited articulation figures are a call back to the Kenner-era Star Wars action that so many Gen X-ers melted, maimed and otherwise abused.  The standout for me has to be Lo Pan which features his little eyeball covered sentinel … looks like an instabuy for me!


Sponsor and friends of the site Entertainment Earth has the first round of Big Trouble in Little China Funko POP! and ReAction figures up for preorder with an estimated release date in February.


Zoinks! Scooby Doo Has Gone LEGO

It’s not even Toy Fair yet and there is some huge LEGO news breaking!  Earlier this week during the UK Toy Fair there were reports of a whole line of licensed Scooby Doo sets on display.  LEGO has notoriously strict photography policies when it comes to these reveals, but the spy reports indicated that ALL fans of Scooby Doo would be pleased with the results.

Earlier this morning USA Today had the first official look at (75902) Mystery Machine featuring the gang’s iconic van along with Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby.


The Mystery Machine will hit retail for $29.99 in August 2015 along with four additional sets: (75900) Mummy Museum Mystery,  (75901) Mystery Plane Adventures,  (75903) Haunted Lighthouse, and (75904) Mystery Mansion.

At this time there is no word as to whether or not Scrappy Doo may be making an appearance in one of these sets.  With New York Toy Fair just around the corner, I’d expect the full wave to be unveiled very shortly. I can’t even begin to describe the pure joy I experienced upon seeing the Mystery Machine in LEGO form … all I can say is INSTABUY!

These 80’s Villains Took A Break From Evil & Went Pop!

I stumbled upon the work of Rocky Davies late last year when his Predator / Guns N’ Roses mashup “Welcome to the Jungle” ended up on TeeFury.  Since then Davies has expanded his lineup to include the likes of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, The Baroness, Shredder, Freddy Kreuger and even Skeletor.

I’m a huge fan of Rocky’s work, which you can follow on Deviant Art, Instagram or you could snap up some of his latest designs over at Age of Nerd.  You can also nag him incessantly on Twitter @Rocky_Davies … because I’m sure he takes requests.

Sylvester Stallone’s Action Figure Lines, Ranked

Throughout his Hollywood career Sylvester Stallone has given us truly iconic performances.  Despite his nearly $2 billion in lifetime box office gross attempts to turn his likeness into action figure gold like his contemporary Arnold Schwarzenegger has most fallen flat.  Because I hate myself (and most of my readership) I’ve scoured the dark corners of the Interwebz to bring your the most authoritative ranking of plastic Stalloneness.

5) Demolition Man (Mattel, 1993) — Sylvester Stallone’s future cop flick got a tie-in action figure line consisting of 8 figures and 2 vehicles that were mostly repaints/retools from Mattel’s The New Adventures of He-Man line from 1990.

As someone who stalks toy shows and the depths of eBay quite regularly I can honestly say that no one has truly thought about these action figures since the days of KB Toys.  The general awfulness of this line has made it oddly collectible and economically feasible to own. Sadly enough this may have been the closest we may have ever gotten to an honest to God Denis Leary action figure if there had been another wave produced.

4) Over The Top (LEWCO, 1987) — The greatest movie ever made featuring competitive arm wrestling received a full treatment of action figures as well as role playing gear.  This line had a total of six figures all of which aside from Stallone’s Lincoln Hawk had characters like John Grizzly, Johnny “Ice Man” Walker and my personal favorite Cleve “Armbender” Dean.  The action figures even had an honest to goodness arm wrestling play feature which required the purchase of the official arm wrestling table (figures sold separately).  overthetop_figure

3) Rambo and the Freedom Force (Coleco, 1985-86) — This kid friendly adaptation of Rambo was supported by a cartoon that turned the PTSD suffering Vietnam veteran into the leader of GI JOE-like team battling the evil forces of S.A.V.A.G.E. The cartoon barely lasted a year but COLECO was able to put out two full series of action figures and vehicles before the end of 1986. Despite the preposterous storyline, COLECO did a hell of a job on this line.

rambo_colecoWhat is most notable about this line is that is gave us what may be consider to be the definitive “movie style” Rambo action figure until NECA’s turn with the property in 2014.

2) Rocky (Pheonix Toys, 1983) —  While many argue that Rocky IV may be the peak of the Balboa saga, I’ll always partial to Rocky III if only for Clubber Lang. This line featured a total of three figures Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang all with surprisingly decent likenesses.  rocky3

1) Rambo/Rambo First Blood: Part II (NECA, 2014) — Over the last few years NECA has necarambobuilt a reputation of landing huge licenses and putting out tremendous action figures in terms of paint, sculpts and attention to detail.  It should come as no surprise that their turn with Rambo comes out on top of this list.

NECA turned out several versions of John Rambo with my favorite probably the Frist Blood: Part II edition.  They even went so far as to produce a variant based on the 1988 NES video game, with paint applications meant to mimic the cell-shading graphics.

So there you have it … the definitive ranking of Sylvester Stallone themed action figures.  Did I miss something? Am I totally off base? Sound off in the comments or find me on Twitter.