And Here’s Our First Good Look at “Thunderbirds Are Go!”

Back in July at San Diego Comic Con it was announced that WETA Workshop was working on a reboot of the classic 1960s series Thunderbirds.  Now we have our first look at Tracy Island and the (backs) of the Tracy brothers who make up International Rescue in the new series Thunderbirds Are Go!.

thunderbirds_newWith this new series, fans of supermarionation will be disappointed as WETA Workshop will be utilizing live-action sets and CGI characters this time around.  As a kid I watched a ridiculous amount of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett and Stingray thanks to the endless reruns during the early years of the SciFi Channel.

The briefest of teaser trailers was also released this past week giving fans a look at the new Thunderbird-5 space station.

Thunderbirds Are Go! is set for air in 2015 on ITV in the United Kingdom.  There is no word as to whether it will find a (legal) distributor in the United States; but rest assured I will be sure to pass that information along as soon

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And Here’s Our First Official Look at Age of Avengers LEGO Sets for 2015!

Earlier today a German 2015 LEGO Catalog made its way onto the LEGO subreddit giving us the almost official looks at the Avengers: Age of Ultron LEGO sets due our way next spring.  It looks as though we will be getting six sets and all of the Avengers will be presented in glorious minifigure form.

Avengers_LEGO1 Avengers_LEGO2 Avengers_LEGO3With the power of Google Translate the sets names and character breakdowns are below:

With the power of Google Translate the sets names and character breakdowns are below:

(76029) – Iron Man vs. Ultron — includes Iron Man and 2 Ultron Drones

(76030) – Duel with Hydra — includes Hawkeye and Thor

(76031) – Hulkbuster Rescue Mission — includes Iron Man, Hulk and Ultron

(76032) – Avengers Quinjet — includes Black Widow, Ultron, Vision and Captain America

(76038) – Raid on Avengers Tower — Iron Man, Thor, Iron Legion and Ultron

(76041) -Hydra Fortress — Quicksilver, Hulk, and Captain America

Of this whole lineup I must say that 76031 Hulkbuster Rescue Mission looks to be the standout for me.  I love that brick-built Hulkbuster Armor and I like the new paint applications on the Hulk.  The new version of the Quinjet looks stealthy and once again is the only way to get Black Widow!  Once again it looks as though it will be mighty expensive to complete the Avengers roster as all of the new characters are spread out across multiple sets … DAMN YOU LEGO OVERLORDS!!!!

**As the set names receive their proper English translation I will be sure to update this post accordingly.


5 Questions That Need Answered on Season 2 of ‘Helix’

When I first saw advertisements for Helix I wrote the show off as cable network riff on John Carpenter’s classic horror film The Thing.  Despite the involvement of Ronald D. Moore, whose revitalization of Battlestar Galacatica had the SyFy channel riding high for quite a few years.  Earlier this week while engaging in the endlessly futile act of searching the Netflix catalog I found that the entire first season of Helix was available for streaming and I thought … “It’s only ten episodes, what the hell.”

Let me say that I definitely regret sleeping on Helix, as it was a genuinely pulse pounding thriller that fans of both horror and science fiction will surely love.  After binge watching the first season over the last three days I found that season two of Helix will be premiering in January 2015.


The cliffhanger at the end of season one leaves so much up in the air but there are some questions that definitely need answered.  If you haven’t seen the first season there are definite SPOILERS ahead!

helix_walkerWhat Happened to Dr. Julia Walker?

In the closing minutes of season one we find that Dr. Julia Walker is walking into a meeting of the board of Illaria Corporation who all just happen to be immortals.  In the 235 days since the events at the Artic Biosystems facility, has she risen to power within that organization? Is she no longer with the CDC?

What is the Significance of “The 500″?

When Constance Sutton (Jeri Ryan) confronted Hatake about the evolution of Dr. Walker she made mention that it was a violation of the agreement of “The 500″.  Is there a “Highlander” type rule where there can only be a specific number of Immortals at a given time?

What’s With the Teeth Filing?

Sutton_Grinding_TeethWe can all agree that Constance Sutton was a cold-hearted bitch, but her bathroom routine involved filing her teeth down with a power tool.  Do the Immortals teeth grow into fangs?  Maybe they are implying that their existence has helped propagate the vampire myth? Who really knows but it was one of the more significant plot threads left dangling from season one.

Has Dr. Alan Farragut Gone Rogue?

The opening of the season one finale had Dr. Farragut torturing an Immortal in hopes of getting information about the whereabouts of his ex-wife, Dr. Julia Walker.  Later we find that he is in Paris, France and is one step closer in determining Dr. Walker’s location and finding out what the hell Illaria Corporation is actually up to. With all this time freelancing has he resigned from the CDC?

Who the Hell was Major Balleseros Actually Working For?

Major Sergio Balleseros was a member of the United States Army but actually was a fixer for Arctic Biosystems while maintaining a side deal with the immortal overlords at the Illaria Corporation.  For most of the season he was generally an asshole but eventually found redemption. Is he fighting a counter insurgency against Illaria? Will he pop up again next season? Did he find love in hopeless place?

So What Happens Next?

Season two of Helix will take the CDC field team to an entirely new location with a new disease that may or may not have ties to the Illaria Corporation.  Syfy released a promo in advance of the premiere next year and it does not do much in terms of answering those lingering questions.



Film Club: “Jodorowsky’s Dune” (2014)

large_Jodorowsky_Dune_PosterI was probably 12 or 13 when I watched Dune for the first time and soon became enthralled with the epic scope of the story.  I was even more excited to find out there was a series of books that the film was based on.  When I finally got my copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune in my hands I was blown away about how much had been changed by the source material.  Over the course of a summer I went on to read all of the books in the Dune series and I found myself wondering about what could have been.

Jodorowsky’s Dune tells the story of the greatest version of Dune never made.  In 1975 Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky obtained the film rights to Dune in hopes of making his vision of the science fiction epic.  Jodorowsky assembled a creative team that included concept artists H.R. Giger and Jean Giraud and a cast that included the likes of Orson Welles, Salvidor Dali and Mick Jagger.  Jodorowsky’s vision of Dune took several noticeable detours from Frank Herbert’s novel and after two years of pre-production work not a single studio would fund the project.

While watching Jodorowsky’s Dune you cannot help but be angry that this version of Dune never made it to the screen.  Throughout the film you are treated to gorgeous pieces of concept art and storyboards that were so ambitious it is hard to believe that the planned shots were able to be done in 1975.

Many of the names associated with this ambitious project went on to work on Star Wars and Alien, arguably two of the most influential films in the science fiction genre.  After after watching Jodorowsky’s Dune you cannot help but think that the studios may have borrowed from the Jodorowsky’s vision … but you will have to judge that for yourself.


Star Trek 3 Needs a Director … It’s Time To #BringinRiker

Over the weekend it broke that Robert Orci would no longer be directing Star Trek 3 and that Paramount had a shortlist of possible replacements which included Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block).  When it was announced that Orci had landed the director’s chair for Star Trek 3 I was left scratching my head.  Why would Paramount hand over a tentpole film to a first time director?

rikerwomenUp to this point Orci has been instrumental in the revitalization of the film franchise … but I was highly skeptical. The reason behind Orci’s departure was clarified from a report from Badass Digest which stated that the studio and Orci came to odds after the studio shut down pre-production over disagreements over the movies script.  The script, which Orci co-wrote involved more time travel and Old Kirk teaming up with New Kirk and something about Vulcans.

I love the Star Trek franchise more than anything … but enough with the time travel already and deviating timelines.  My impression after Star Trek Into Darkness was that we would finally get to see the five-year mission of the crew of the USS Enterprise.

In order to get Star Trek 3 in theaters in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary a director needs to be picked … and soon.  Star Trek fans around the world have banded together to try and get Jonathan Frakes on board to direct using the hashtag #BringinRiker. While I would be completely satisfied with Wright or Cornish getting the job, I would love nothing more to bring Frakes back into the Star Trek fold.

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Pull List Preview — “Escape from New York #1″ (BOOM! Studios)


Cover by Riley Rossmo

Cover by Riley Rossmo

After the success of their Big Trouble in Little China series BOOM! Studios has continued their partnership with John Carpenter to bring another one of his iconic characters back to comics.

Escape from New York #1 picks up mere seconds from the close of the film which finds Snake Plissken public enemy number one after humiliating the President and effectively derailing the peace process in the midst of World War Three.  With the United States Police Force on his ass Snake is on the run … to Florida.  Apparently Florida seceded from the United States and has a heavily fortified border along with a bunch of Soviet nukes courtesy of Cuba.

I really enjoyed reading the “new” adventures of Snake Plissken again as the last time we saw Snake in comic book form was back in 2003 when a four issue miniseries was published by CrossGen/Hurricane Entertainment.  Here’s to hoping that this will ignore the events from Escape from LA entirely.  Regardless of your feelings regarding that not-so-good sequel Escape from New York #1 is on sale December 3rd at comic shops everywhere.

Check out a five-page preview courtesy of my friends at BOOM! Studios.

Time for Vacation … See You In A Week!!!

Tomorrow I start a much needed family vacation with a road trip that will eventually bring us to Walt Disney World.  Over the next week I may be updating sporadically, but keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram feeds as my compulsion to toy hunt will not be stopped by the most magical place on Earth.


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The blog has gone dark for November simply due to the fact that I needed a break.  I will return in time for Thanksgiving reinvigorated and ready to bore you all with the most tedious nerd musings and banter.


This Jem & The Holograms LEGO Creation is Truly Outrageous

Reddit user fujiia is quite a prolific LEGO builder dabbling in everything from Star Wars to LEGO Friends.  In scouring their Flickr feed I found this amazing brick built homage to the 1980’s musical sensation Jem & The Holograms that is truly outrageous.


via fujiia on [Flickr]

 via r/LEGO on Reddit

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Contest: What’s Your Favorite #LionsgateHorror Film?

As horror fans we are well aware of the fact that Lionsgate has had a considerable presence in the genre with theatrical releases like The Descent, Hostel, The Cabin in the Woods, and of course The Saw Saga.  And we cannot forget about their back catalog which includes films like The Blair Witch Project, The Wicker Man, American Psycho, and Children of the Corn.

Just in time for Halloween I have an awesome contest that requires minimal effort on your part where one lucky winner will receive a VUDU HD download code for The Blair Witch Project.

Step 1:  In the comments below post your your favorite Lionsgate horror film and why

Step 2:  Tweet me @doubledumbass letting me know you’ve entered using the #LionsgateHorror hashtag.

All entries must be received by November 8th, 2014 by 11:59:59PM EST.

… and here’s the fine print:

Each household is only eligible to win One (1) Digital Download code for The Blair Witch Project via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.


The 5 Most Terrifying Paranormal Entities from The Real Ghostbusters

As far as cartoons go The Real Ghostbusters remains a revered piece of pop culture for many of my generation.  Running from 1986-1991 it allowed us to enjoy the further paranormal adventures of Venkman and Co. every Saturday morning.  For it’s time the show was very irreverent in that it drew on the events of both feature films.  Kenner was a tremendous promotional partner and had a fantastic toyline (how many of us had those role play Proton Packs?).

The one thing that The Real Ghostbusters did not do is shy away from terrifying its viewing audience.  Below you will find some of the most terrifying paranormal entities from The Real Ghostbusters.

5 – Werechicken from Poultrygeist


4 – Hob Anagarak from Cold Cash and Hot Water

An ancient Inuit demon that controls fire, has superhuman strength, the ability to teleport, and can project telekinesis doesn’t seem that bad does he? Or maybe it is due to the the fact that he looks like a cross between a Predator and a Yeti.

3 – Necksa from The Devil in The Deep

This big four armed Gorgo looking sea monster wanted to destroy New York and the world for that matter due to the fact that the water was just so … polluted.  As one of the most powerful primal gods thousands of years old, he was awakened by unknowingly by some public utility workers. And one more thing … he was immune to the Ghostbusters’ standard proton throwers.

2 – The Thing from The Thing Is Mrs. Faversham’s Attic)

“What’s that noise in the attic?”

“Oh just a large purple ectoplasmic cloud mass that is fueled by hatred and revenge.  It can manifest itself in a variety of objects and propel bolts of psychokentic energy”

“Oh, okay.”

1 – Boogieman from The Boogieman Cometh & The Boogieman Is Back) 

As I’ve said here before the Boogeyman as depicted in The Real Ghostbusters is truly the stuff of nightmares.  Despite appearing in just two episodes, the Boogeyman could have cemented the top spot in this countdown with just his appearance alone.  We haven’t even begun to talk about how he warps through your closet door while your sleeping to capture your soul.