Harry Knowles & The Missing Kickstarter: Episode II

It has been pretty well documented that Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News fame launched a Kickstarter campaign a year ago to fund a second season of his web series.  The Kickstarter was eventually funded to the tune of $128,029 on September 5, 2013 and almost a year later Harry has yet to deliver on his promise of a second season (and according to some backers any of the other incentives).  While Harry’s editorial style has never really been embraced by the site’s readers, affectionally known as Talkbackers, his lack of transparency during this Kickstarter campaign has really ignited a fire among them.

image via HollywoodReporter.com

image via HollywoodReporter.com

Harry’s recent review of Expendables 3 really seemed to rankle the Talkbackers.  It could have been the off putting hyperbole or the senseless name dropping … “I have a very interesting friendship with Sly“.   One of the top voted comments in that review has called out Harry with an ultimatum .. deliver on your promises or I’ll sue.


After sifting though the comments I found myself wondering how far Ain’t It Cool News and Harry Knowles have fallen.  I took to Twitter to express my thoughts and quickly found myself in a dialogue with Mr. Knowles in which I asked him some very pointed questions about making good on his promises and the lack of transparency during the production of his series.


Harry went on to elaborate that he has several episodes in the can for the second season of Ain’t It Cool with Harry Knowles but was advised to not comment publicly due to his production team asking him to “withhold responses until a formal air date” was solidified with an Austin PBS affiliate that has agreed to air his show.


According to Harry all of his obligations have been met, but on the Kickstarter page there are people still claiming that they have yet to receive any of their Ain’t it Cool with Harry Knowles swag.  I did not back this venture nor do I know anyone who has so I cannot attest to the veracity of those claims.

When I first connected to the Internet Ain’t it Cool News was one of the first sites I haunted  on a regular basis.  For many years it was the place to get breaking news and spoilers.  I think over the years Harry lost his way and got blinded by the press junkets and celebrity friends.  I also think that the departure of some key writers saw a marked decline in the quality of reporting seen on the site.

Unfortunately for Harry this Kickstarter campaign has been an unmitigated disaster and any largesse he previously enjoyed within the geek community is diminishing at an astonishing rate.

Okay, So This Is The Best ‘Spaceballs’ LEGO You’ll Ever See

Leave it to Reddit to showcase another great Spaceballs themed LEGO creation.  This uncredited MOC showed up on the LEGO sub-Reddit earlier today and has garnered more than 3500 upvotes.  spaceballs_combAnd for those of you who don’t quite understand the reference I’ll direct you to this link.  At this point I think we can all agree that there really needs to be a concerted effort to have legitimate Spaceballs LEGO sets.

Come on AFOLs let’s get this up on LEGO Ideas already!

via [r/lego]

It Appears That ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ May Not Be Very Good

The live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is presently sitting at a 38% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes.  The reviews that I have read so far have been anywhere from a middling summer action flick akin to Amazing Spider-Man 2 to the equivalent of a steaming pile of mutagen.

TMNT_rev1For those of you who may not have been following this film’s production, it was beset with much nerd rage and several WTF moments, particularly the last minute casting of Johnny Knoxville as the voice of Leonardo whose dialogue had been performed on set by another actor during filming.  Luke Y. Thompson from Topless Robot made effort to note in his review that,

“The last-minute stunt-casting doesn’t really work: Johnny Knoxville sounds notably out of place as the only overdubbed turtle … “

And let us not forget that the mere presence of Micheal Bay as a producer on the film sparked much outrage because well … he’s Micheal Bay.  Seven years after he put flames on Optimus Prime pop culture fans have refused to forgive him and continue to make claims that he has in fact raped their childhoods.

I for one will reserve judgment until I get a chance to catch this in theaters, but let’s be honest it can’t be as bad as Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.


Armchair SDCC ’14 — First Look at ‘Arrow’ Season Three

Well that was quick! Our first look at season three of Arrow doesn’t look to let up the pace that was set at the end of last season.  We get our first look at Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, Oliver and Diggle at odds and a hint that “Olicity” may become Starling City’s new power couple.  We also get quick hits of Canary (who is back?) and Arsenal as well as a newly promoted Captain Lance.

The third season premiere of Arrow will air October 8th on The CW.  There’s a lot we still don’t know yet but I’m sure the panel later tonight will fill us in on the good parts.

[via /Film]

Armchair SDCC ’14 — Batfleck, Thunderbirds, Batman ’66 & The Return of The Real Ghostbusters!

armchairSDCC14It’s Friday and the bigger panels are just starting to get underway.  Throughout the rest of the day expect bigger and better information to start tweeting out of the myriad of panels as well as the show floor.  There’s quite literally something for everyone, and I am only covering a mere fraction of what is out there.  It only gets better from here on out!

It’s Batfleck … Ahem BATMAN

To sate the appetites of DC fanboys Warner Bros. released a full color headshot of Ben Affleck in his Batman cowl from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I imagine that we will be seeing quite a bit more of Batfleck before San Diego Comic Con is over.


[via Coming Soon]

Thunderbirds Are GO …. Again!!!!!

Thunderbirds-promo-imageUnbeknownst to me, WETA has been working on a new Thunderbirds project titled Thunderbirds Are Go! which will be a CGI / Live Action hybrid.  Apparently all of the sets will be scaled models and the characters will be full on CGI.  Sadly there will be no puppets in this iteration!

WETA had a model of Thunderbird 1 on display on their booth and it is extremely faithful to the original series.

/Film snapped a few pictures of the Thunderbird 1 model in its super-marionation-less glory. The 26-episode first season will be ready for broadcast in 2015.  [via /Film]


After years of bickering between studios the complete 1960′s Batman television series starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin will be coming to Bluray and DVD later this fall.  There will be a couple different versions available including a killer set complete with a Batmobile.

Print[via ToyNewsI



Hasbro is bringing back combiners in a major way in 2015.  Today they unveiled new versions of Menasor and Superion during their panel and they are very faithful to their Generation 1 predecessors.  [via TFW2005]


During the MattyPalooza Panel there was a not so subtle hint that new version of The Real Ghostbusters action figures would be coming in 2015.  I am not so confident in the execution as Mattel really bungled the first Ghostbusters line which tanked due to poor character selection, few accessories, and endless repaints.


[via @Ghostbusters on Twitter

BOOM! Studios Is Planning Another Escape with Snake Plissken

It looks as though that BOOM! Studios is expanding their relationship with Director John Carpenter after the success of their Big Trouble in Little China series and adding a new Snake Plissken title to their catalog.


Expect more details later this week when BOOM! Studios has their big panel on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, 7/26/14
12:30–1:30 We Are BOOM!—Last year was a banner year for us here at BOOM! Studios, highlighted by the release of our first feature film 2 Guns (starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg) and new first-look deal with 20th Century Fox. Archaia joined us as a new imprint, we expanded the all-ages KaBOOM! lineup, and we launched our newest imprint,BOOM! Box. Join BOOM! Studios Founder and CEO Ross Richie, Editor-In-Chief Matt Gagnon, President of Publishing and Marketing Filip Sablik, President of DevelopmentStephen Christy, and creators Paul Jenkins (FAIRY QUEST, DEATHMATCH), Frank Gibson (THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL), Noelle Stevenson (LUMBERJANES), along with some special guests as we share our mission to create the future of comics…now. We are BOOM! Come Innovate With Us. Room 24ABC


Armchair SDCC ’14: ‘Ant Man’ Concept Art, LEGO Green Lantern, & Marty McFly Hot Toys

armchairSDCC14It’s Preview Night!  Show exclusives start to sell out and companies are getting press releases out at furious pace.  Studios are trying to get their next projects trending on Twitter, He-Man fans are already butthurt about MattyCollector, and the line for Hall H is already starting to form up. IT MUST BE SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!

It’s a quick roundup tonight because I’m tired and I’m not waiting up until 1:00AM EST to finish this thing up.  Expect the big chunks of goodness to start tomorrow and the sorrow that you aren’t there to start setting in.  Enjoy the read!

Marvel revealed a concept art poster for the now Edgar Wright-less Ant Man due out next summer.  I can’t be the only one having a hard time looking at Paul Rudd in a heroic light.  Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive reveal but it is all over the Interwebz now.



I’m pretty sure Ant Man is going to be a hard sell.  With Wright off of the project, a lot of fanboys are sure to throw some shade at this project.   [via io9]

LEGO announced one of the first DC Comics Superhero sets for 2015 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro!  Green Lantern was released as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive mini figure a couple of years back and fans were upset they were never going to be able to complete their Justice League.

gl-setThis set looks really great and features a Green Lantern Jet and Space Batman!  Expect it on store shelves next January for $19.99 [via FBTB]


Hot Toys unveiled their 1/6th scale Marty McFly and DeLorean Time Machine and it is a thing of beauty. Word is they also have a prototype of a 1/6th scale Ellen Ripley and Power Loader from Aliens.  


Armchair SDCC ’14 — Here’s Our First Look at Roy Harper as Arsenal from ‘Arrow’

armchairSDCC14If anyone had any doubts after last season about the direction that Roy Harper was taking heading into season three of Arrow, this picture should definitely put them to rest.

With Thea out of Starling City, Harper has fully embraced his new alter ego of Arsenal.  Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive first look of Colton Haynes in his crimson uniform which is entirely badass.

On Saturday night Warner Bros. will be having their huge television panel hosted by Arrow’s Stephen Amell.  I’m sure we will get our first look at Arsenal in action when the first footage from season three is screened for the fans for the first time.


[via Coming Soon]

Armchair SDCC ’14: Life-Size Pizza Throwers, Batman Merch, and Star Wars: Rebels

armchairSDCC14It’s the calm before the storm as nerds from across the nation begin to converge upon the city known whose Germanic origin is quite literally “Whale’s Vagina”.

The flow of information has slowed a bit as most of the media outlets are traveling today to get ready for the non-stop onslaught of all things pop culture.


Pizza Hut commissioned a real-life Pizza Thrower based on the truly awesome vehicle from the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line from Playmates Toys.  It will be on display at San Diego Comic Con and will most assuredly be throwing pizzas. [via Jalopnik]


8-Bit_Batman__scaled_600NECA is making a 7″ scale Michael Keaton Batman action figure based on his appearance as Batman in the official video game for the 1989 Tim Burton film.  It should be noted that the video game was truly awful. The cell shading and endless jumping made for a very poor gaming experience, even by 8-bit standards.

Regardless of my video game prejudice this prototype looks great and should be in stores in October.

[via ToyNewsI]


In more Batman news, LEGO unveiled another exclusive set for San Diego Comic Con, a midi-style 1966 Batmobile with Batman and Robin minifigures.  The set will retail for $39.99 and only 250 will be available each day beginning Thursday.


Fans are upset that this set is being released as a convention exclusive and not a mass market release. Ultimately I’m hoping that we will see a full size ’66 Batmobile sooner rather than later.  Until then I guess there’s always eBay?  [via FBTB]


A full trailer for Star Wars: Rebels was released upon the Interwebz today and gives us a better look at this new animated series that will bridge the prequel trilogy to the trilogy that everyone actually likes.  I’m digging the McQuarrie-inspired designs and Freddie Prinze Jr. as a Jedi.  Let’s hope this isn’t as forced as that whole Shadows of the Empire thing from the mid 1990s.