Spooky Book Club — Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix from Quirk Books

For many Americans there is nothing more horrifying than trying to assemble flat packed furniture purchased from IKEA.  And for others it is even more terrifying to wander the showroom trying to locate the bookshelf you saw online.  In Horrorstör we are introduced ti an IKEA clone called Orsk … and appearances are definitely not what they seem.

Horrorstor_final_300dpiSome very strange things are happening at the Orsk #00108 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  Escalators are shutting down, graffiti is appearing in rest rooms and someone is defecating on couches in the showroom.

Orsk management is concerned and deputizes a few employees to conduct a secret overnight surveillance of the store to figure out who is vandalizing the store during the off hours.  What happens next is a genuinely fun and creepy as this apparently random group of employees find themselves at a supernatural crossroads that does not bode well.

Anyone who has ever worked big-box retail (myself included) can attest to how genuinely those massive buildings can be when the music cuts off at 10:00pm and lights go on power saving mode.  Hendrix has craft a very fun modern haunted house tale that plays on those “what-ifs” which makes for an intense read.  It’s a perfect addition to your bookshelf just in time for Halloween.

The design of Horrorstör is probably one of the most attractive I have seen this year.  It is put together as if it is an Orsk catalog, complete with pricing and color options for their fictional furniture.   In this digital world I highly recommend picking up a physical copy of Horrorstör.  

Quirk Books continues to put out some of the most unique and fun titles out, and I am very appreciative of the review copy that they provided  to me.

Horrorstör can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Breaking: The ‘Ant Man’ Trailer Has Been Seen By Some People

antman_conceptOn Sunday morning as part of an exclusive Marvel event at New York Comic Con the trailer for next summer’s Ant Man was shown for the very first time.  And from reports it seems as though the fans went crazy for it.  Apparently I missed this significant piece of news while compiling my NYCC coverage.

The crew over at Topless Robot has a description of the teaser:

The Ant Man trailer seemed to confirm a lot of the rumors that have been floating around about the plot: Michael Douglas, playing Pym, hires Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) to be his on-the-ground man for a heist. They argue about super-heroics and then Lang, wearing the Ant Man suit, runs towards the camera, trips, damages the helmet, and then calls an ant to take him away ….

No word as to when the Ant Man trailer will be released for the common folk; but I’d expect something during Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Special airing on ABC on November 4th.

[via Topless Robot]


Arm Chair NYCC ’14 — Daredevil Debuts, The Walking Dead Returns, Marvel Goes Cosmic (Again)

ArmchairnNYCC14This year’s edition of New York Comic Con may be one for the record books.  ReedPOP is reporting that 151,000 people stepped through the entrance of the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan over the course of the weekend.

That attendance number eclipses San Diego Comic Con by a good margin which has previously been held to be the benchmark for American nerdery.  Saturday was a big day, with lots of great previews and teases for the coming year.

Marvel debuted a few scenes from their upcoming Daredevil series this weekend to generally positive buzz. At the panel fans were able to get their first look at Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) in action both as Daredevil and attorney Matt Murdoch.  The cast and crew cited Frank Miller’s and Brians Bendis’ runs as heavy influences.  [via Newsarama]

marvel_daredevilNEWThe Walking Dead panel was filled to capacity and those in attendance were treated to a scene from the season premiere, which picks up right where Rick & Company were left at the end of last season … in the box car.  Creator and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman commented that “I think it’s safe to say this season is going to follow the comics much closer than we have in the past”.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this season plays outs.  [via Comics Beat]

Marvel announced more of their plans for 2015 with a major push back into the outer reaches of the galaxy.  A lot of the players we have come to expect will become the center of Black Vortex, the event that will bring the likes of the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Nova and Captain Marvel together.  [via Comics Alliance]



Arm Chair NYCC ’14: New ‘Secret Wars’, Star Wars Black & Cosplayers

ArmchairnNYCC14Being a blogger of all things nerdy, it would seem inappropriate blow past the fact that New York Comic Con is well underway right now.  There have been quite a few reveals from the preview night on Thursday and it is really kicking into high gear this afternoon.  NYCC is quickly becoming the premier show on the East Coast and attracts an equal amount of media and fan attention as San Diego Comic Con.

If any of my readers happen to be up there, get in touch with me and let me know what you’re seeing on the show floor!

COMICS – Marvel announced that there will be a new Secret Wars event kicking off in May 2015.  Jonathan Hickman is scripting with art by Esad Ribic building on their current “Time Runs Out” arc on Avengers and New Avengers.   The implications will be far reaching across the Marvel Universe and to further whet the fan’s appetite the iconic Alex Ross painted a rather epic teaser -[via Popcritica]

via Marvel.com

via Marvel.com

COLLECTIBLES – Hasbro revealed upcoming figures in their 6″ and 3.75″ Star Wars Black series.  Notables characters Included in the next wave are Emperor Palpatine, Leia as Boush, Clone Commander Cody, and IG-88.  The line finally seems to be getting decent distribution and I will be very excited to pick up  a few of these. [via Topless Robot]


COSPLAY – ReedPOP, the folks who actually run New York Comic Con, enacted a very strong anti-harrassment policy for ALL attendees.  In recent history there have been far too many instances of unacceptable behavior directed towards female cosplayers, which started that “cosplay is not consent” campaign.  If you have been at a convention you have probably seen evidence of this which is unacceptable.  ReedPOP has enacted a zero tolerance policy and have gone so far as integrating a reporting function into their official app. Bravo! [via Comics Alliance]


Throw Away Your Cassette Tapes, ‘Coming Out of Their Shells’ is on iTunes

Twenty four years after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles traded in their signature weapons for keytars and drum machines you can now relive the unholy terror that was the “Coming Out of Their Shell” tour, in its entirety, thanks to the magic of iTunes.


The long out of print soundtrack features ten tracks including the over the top “Pizza Power” to the Splinter slow-jam “Skipping Stones” and can be had for a bargain at $9.90. Many of you may be too young to remember the living nightmare that was “Coming Out of Their Shells” but thanks to the magic of the Internet the entire concert film is available on YouTube.


Halloween Countdown — Five Horror Films You Should Be Watching on Netflix

It’s October and as a public service I have put together a list of some of my favorite horror films currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Invaders from Mars (1986) – Tobe Hooper’s remake of the 1953 science fiction tale is truly a strange cinematic venture. Universally panned by the critics, Invaders from Mars is told from the perspective of a boy who notices his parents and the rest of the townspeople are growing increasingly strange after witnessing a UFO land near his home.  This movie truly terrified me as a kid if only for Louise Fletcher devouring a frog.



The Cabin in the Woods (2011) – I’ll admit that this one completely passed me by during its theatrical run despite the involvement of Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon. What starts as college aged kids spending a weekend full of booze at a remote cabin ends up as full on creature feature replete with an ancient terror.

Originally shot and completed in 2009, The Cabin in the Woods languished for two years while studios went bankrupt and the film was post-converted to 3D.  Goddard is able to play with the traditional horror tropes in a way that pays homage to the splatter tests we all grew up with in the 1980s with spectacular results.

 The Keep (1983) – It’s been well documented here that I have long been a fan of Michael Mann’s forgotten World War II horror film.  To date the only home media release was on Laser Disc (which is where many of the illegal torrents originated) and Amazon Instant and Netflix are presently the only legitimate ways to watch The Keep with its original Tangerine Dream score.


V-H-S-2_PosterV/H/S/2 (2013) – As a whole I find this second entry in this found footage horror anthology a bit uneven; but by the time we hit “A Ride in the Park” it is a balls to the gore fest! In my opinion “Safe Haven” is hands down the most compelling segment and completely redeems the sequel.

“Safe Haven” is just so damn good that it is deserving of a feature film of its own.  V/H/S/2 is a generally creepy outing with plenty of “oh shit” moments to please even the most finicky horror fans.

Event Horizon (1997) – Before Paul W.S. Anderson was subjecting the movie going public to endless Resident Evil films (and knocking up Milla Jovovich) he directed this little science fiction horror film that absolutely bombed in theaters.  I mean who wouldn’t want to see what happens when a experimental space craft literally GOES TO HELL.

Did I make a glaring omission? Sound off in the comments below or call me out on Twitter @doubledumbass

Sightings – ‘Hulk To The Rescue’

Despite having just recently completed my LEGO Avengers lineup, I don’t think I would be able to recreate a scene from The Avengers like Flickr user legoagogo did. His rather astute attention to detail and use of lighting, really does a great job of depicting Hulk’s rescue of Iron Man at the conclusion of the Battle of New York.

Hulk to the rescue

via [FBTB.net]

The Latest ‘Star Trek 3′ Rumor Is … Highly Illogical

Earlier this week there were several outlets were reporting that Star Trek 3 would be feature a scene between Kirk and Spock …. Prime.  According to Bad Ass Digest’s Devin Faraci there is a scene in the upcoming Star Trek film where William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy would share the screen for the first time since 1991′s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

kirkandspockNow that the story has grown legs director Robert Orci commented on the story over at Trek Movie saying:

Not in my interest to confirm or deny anything because it limits my options while maintaining my integrity as a truth teller.  The movie is not the movie till it is in the theater. Until then, everything is a rumor.

By the end of Star Trek: Into Darkness I was hoping that we had left the alternate timelines and Spock Prime behind to finally focus on the USS Enterprise’s five-year mission.  At this point I am taking this all in with a grain of salt despite Faraci’s proven track record when it comes to this sort of thing.

[via Trek Movie]

Check Out These Amazing Practical Effects from ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

I could easily place Edge of Tomorrow as one of the top films I have seen this year.  Like many I initially shrugged it off as a sci-fi version of Groundhog Day.  But after the overwhelming positive reviews started pouring in I knew I had to give it a chance.  Edge of Tomorrow is a film that smartly plays with time travel in the midst of an alien invasion of Earth. There are some really impressive set pieces in the film, and most notably the beach landing which plays a critical part in the plot.  These days its become commonplace to think that explosions, missiles, and fireballs are added in post production.  As you will see in the following video … that was not the case on the set of Edge of Tomorrow.

Another thing to take away from this b-roll footage is what an absolute professional Tom Cruise is.  He is in there doing his own stunts, wire work, and weapons handling.  It is clear that the people behind Edge of Tomorrow wanted it to look real, and seeing Cruise and Emily Blunt walking around set in those exo-suits is awesome.

via [Reddit Movies]

Nerd Alert!!! RetroCon 2014 Is Nearly Upon Us


Just a friendly reminder that the third annual RetroCon is fast approaching.  After last year’s success the show was expanded to two full days of programming and 200+ vendor tables.  In addition to a robust dealer’s room there is a guest list featuring Sgt Slaughter, voice actor Larry Kenney (Lion-0, Thundercats), Joel Hodgson (MST3K) and actress Chase Masterson (Star Trek Deep Space 9).


Show Info: Facebook.com/RetroCons

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue Oaks, PA 19456
Saturday, September 27th – 9am-5pm
Sunday, September 18th – 9am-12pm

Tickets will be available at the door: $15 Saturday / $13 Sunday