Nerd Summer ’14 — Night of the Comet Screening at The Colonial Theatre

As part of its Cult Cinema programming The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA will be screening the 1984 horror/science fiction classic Night of the Comet on Friday, July 18th.  Unfortunately I did not discover Night of the Comet until much later in life when it ran on cable every weekend.

Part teen comedy and part zombie flick Night of the Comet is a weird genre mash-up that launched a generation of young men’s unrequited lust for actress Catherine Mary Stuart.

The screening starts at 9:45pm and tickets are only $10.00 and can be purchased online.  You should definitely make a point to catch one of the weirder films to come out of the 1980s projected in 35mm.



Pull List Preview – Big Trouble in Little China #2 from BOOM! Studios


Big Trouble in Little China #2 Incentive Cover

Tomorrow BOOM! Studios will be treating us to the further adventures of Jack Burton as he looks to save his friend Wang Chi from the clutches of yet another evil immortal Chinese spirit.  Jack Burton must travel the Midnight Road and recover the souls of the Three Storms in order to settle the score.

Big Trouble in Little China #2 is another fun episode into the ongoing adventures of America’s favorite long haul trucker.  My favorite part of this series so far is how we get insights into Burton’s past.  In this issue we find out that Burton was married to a stripper that may or may not have been a vampire.

With Egg Shen and Six Demon Bag in tow it remains to be seen whether or not Burton will survive the Midnight Road and save Wang Chi before time runs out.  Now that we are finally getting a “sequel” to Big Trouble in Little China I can only hope that the good people at BOOM! Studios see fit to expand this title past its current four-issue series arc.

Check out a five page preview of Big Trouble in Little China #2 courtesy of BOOM! Studios after the jump.

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Pacific Rim 2: Kaiju Boogaloo Is Set For 2017

I missed Pacific Rim during its theatrical run for a variety of reasons, but I absolutely fell in love with Guillermo Del Toro’s labor of love once it hit home video.  The nerd folk who inhabit the Internet rejoiced when the announcement for Pacific Rim 2 was made by Del Toro himself.

The kaiju on jaeger fight sequences in Pacific Rim were everything that Michael Bay’s Transformers films should have been.  Along with the development of the sequel Del Toro announced that there will be an animated series and an ongoing comic book series to further build upon the Pacific Rim mythos.

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Four Turtles … Robot Samurai, Why Not? The Latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Is Here

Up to this point I have been highly skeptical of the impending Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.  It has nothing to do with Micheal Bay’s involvement as a producer or the fact that Megan Fox is somehow the unifying link between two of my childhood’s most cherished cartoons.

A new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been unleashed upon the Internet and I must say …. I kind of want to see this now.

I love how at the end of the trailer they address the whole “are they aliens” controversy that is a call back to the fanboy backlash from a leaked script that the ninja teens were in fact aliens from another planet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be in theaters August 8th

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Wizard World Philly ’14 — The Nerdy T-Shirts of TeeMinus24

These days nerdy t-shirts are a badge of honor.  They separate the Whovians from the Browncoats and the Trekkies from the Jedi.  Over the years I have amassed quite a hoard of unique t-shirts from places like TeeFury, RiptApparel, and The Yetee.  During my meanderings at Wizard World Philly I came across a booth that immediately spoke to my inner nerd.

Photo Jun 19, 5 54 10 PM copy

TeeMinus24 shone like a beacon, featuring unique t-shirt designs cleverly incorporating pop culture references like He-Man, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and even Dirty Dancing into wearable art.

Photo Jun 19, 5 54 04 PM copy

TeeMinus24 is a small company run by a husband and wife team near Pittsburgh, PA who have 100 unique designs available on their website.  With that many options available, there is something there bound to satisfy your fandom.

Stop buying your t-shirts at Hot Topic and Target … support small business and independent artists!  Check out TeeMinus24 and tell them Jon sent you!!!


Toy Hunting at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con ’14

Last weekend I made my annual trip to the Pennsylvania Convention Center to attend the 2014 edition Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.  Due to events beyond my control I was only able to attend the “preview night” which allowed me to get on the show floor, check out the vendors and say hello to some old friends.

Photo Jun 19, 3 32 36 PM

Over the last couple of shows my favorite thing to do is to go toy hunting.  I like to see what is selling, what isn’t selling, and most importantly the “Toy Hunter Effect”.  Love him or hate him, but Jordan Hembrough has had a profound impact on the way toys are sold and collected.

Funko POP! Vinyl Were Everywhere

Nearly every single booth had a profound inventory of Funko POP! Vinyl ranging from Masters of the Universe and Thundercats to My Little Pony and Ghostbusters.  What’s funny is that you had vendors across the aisle from each other selling the exact same product for different prices.  The bigger scaled figures were usually around $25, but the standard POP! Vinyl went from anywhere between $10 to $17.


Everything Is Awesome Except for Vintage LEGO Prices

There is no denying that The LEGO Movie brought a whole new wave of collectors into the fold.  I’m 31 years old and still actively collect LEGO, I’m not ashamed of it at all.  Interest in a new and vintage LEGO sets is at an all time high and the few boxed sets that I saw were at an insane markup.

Photo Jun 19, 4 17 24 PM


I came across a hoard of truly mint in box LEGOLAND Castle sets from the late eighties in one vendor booth and was met with prices so high that I don’t even want to mention them here.  Let’s just say to grab all of these sets I would not have been able to pay my mortgage for July.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Only Getting 

Playmates Toys line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures is filled with weird characters and even weirder concepts.  One such example is the below pictured “Mutatin’ April O’Neil” that changes from yellow suited reporter to sexy cat lady.

Photo Jun 19, 4 17 33 PM copy


Everything I saw that was even remotely associated with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles featured a hefty price tag.  The awareness for the franchise is at an all time high due in part to the the cartoon running on Nickelodeon as well as the new live action film due later this summer.  If you have anything TMNT related in your parent’s attic it may be a good time to sell.


With The Dinobot Special Edition SDCC Set, We Can Now Confirm That Hasbro Is Drunk

Today IGN had the pleasure of unveiling Hasbro’s latest San Diego Comic Con exclusive Transformers set and it is completely ludicrous.  The Dinobot Special Edition set features the new Dinobots from Transformers: Age of Extinction line repainted as their G1 counterparts.  And what’s even better … the box unfolds to a play set of the Autobot Ark and Mt. Hilary from the G1 cartoon.



The Dinobots Special Edition Set features Voyager-scale Grimlock, and Deluxe-scale Snarl. Strafe, and Slug and will retail for $159.99.  For those of us that won’t be attending San Diego Comic Con a limited quantity will be available after the show on Hasbro Toy Shop.

While I am bypassing most of the Transformers: Age of Extinction line at retail, I may have to make an attempt to snap this up due to its blatant tugging at my nostalgia nerve center.  When Hasbro announced the Optimus Prime as a hair metal rocker in the Knights of Unicron set everyone thought the Transformers team at Hasbro was out of their minds.  With this new reveal we can all agree that they are just drunk.

Credit: [IGN via TFW2005]

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Just Catapulted To Must See Status

The final trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes debuted online and I can’t be the only one thinking that this has become the must see movie of the summer.

There is just so much to digest in this trailer, I am not even sure where to start.  Everything I have seen from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has me excited for the sequel which is already scheduled for 2016.  We all know how this movie is not going to end well for humanity (and from the looks of the trailer probably Caesar as well).

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters July 11th.

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The Neutral Zone: Angry Birds, Star Wars Black, & Philadelphia Comic Con

The Neutral Zone is a recurring feature which highlights some of the best the Internet has to offer.  Submissions and suggestions are always welcome.


Angry Birds Transformers have the touch! In another example of corporate synergy, Hasbro and Rovio are teaming up for their newest mashup.  The new game is set to be released later this summer for every possible mobile device.


While I am often highly critical of these corporate hijinks, I do have to give Hasbro and Rovio credit for this really cool poster which channels the 1986 animated feature film.

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10 Things Learned From 80′s Toys R Us Commericals via [Rediscover The 80's]


Internet spy reports are indicating that fan favorite characters Bossk, Han Solo in Storm Trooper Disguise, and C-3PO are being included in a wave of 6 inch Star Wars: Black action figures due later this fall.  Additionally boxed photos of the next wave featuring Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Sand Trooper have leaked online.



via [Jedi Temple Insider & Rebel Scum]


Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con kicks off this Thursday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and runs throughout the weekend.  Four-day passes are sold out but single days tickets and VIP packages are still available for purchase.  The line for the Doctor Who panel starts on Friday morning.

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The Latest Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Has ‘Part of a Plan’

Marvel Studios has released a new international trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy which features a little bit more of Rocket Raccoon as well as a bit of Star Lord’s backstory.  We are now in the full marketing blitz for what could be considered Marvel Studio’s riskiest venture to date (well before that Ant-Man debacle).

At this point I could not be any more excited for this film. It looks as though Director James Gunn has his signature blend of humor infused into this huge cosmic story.

Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters on August 1st.

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