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Armchair SDCC ’14: ‘Ant Man’ Concept Art, LEGO Green Lantern, & Marty McFly Hot Toys

armchairSDCC14It’s Preview Night!  Show exclusives start to sell out and companies are getting press releases out at furious pace.  Studios are trying to get their next projects trending on Twitter, He-Man fans are already butthurt about MattyCollector, and the line for Hall H is already starting to form up. IT MUST BE SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!

It’s a quick roundup tonight because I’m tired and I’m not waiting up until 1:00AM EST to finish this thing up.  Expect the big chunks of goodness to start tomorrow and the sorrow that you aren’t there to start setting in.  Enjoy the read!

Marvel revealed a concept art poster for the now Edgar Wright-less Ant Man due out next summer.  I can’t be the only one having a hard time looking at Paul Rudd in a heroic light.  Entertainment Weekly had the exclusive reveal but it is all over the Interwebz now.



I’m pretty sure Ant Man is going to be a hard sell.  With Wright off of the project, a lot of fanboys are sure to throw some shade at this project.   [via io9]

LEGO announced one of the first DC Comics Superhero sets for 2015 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro!  Green Lantern was released as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive mini figure a couple of years back and fans were upset they were never going to be able to complete their Justice League.

gl-setThis set looks really great and features a Green Lantern Jet and Space Batman!  Expect it on store shelves next January for $19.99 [via FBTB]


Hot Toys unveiled their 1/6th scale Marty McFly and DeLorean Time Machine and it is a thing of beauty. Word is they also have a prototype of a 1/6th scale Ellen Ripley and Power Loader from Aliens.  


Five Of The All Time Best Pizza Hut Promotions

old_pizzahutI think it would be safe to say that Pizza Hut was king of the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Every kid wanted to go get pizza, specifically of the stuffed crust variety.  Capitalizing on the fact that millions of children were in their restaurants daily, the Pizza Hut overlords were very cunning in developing their promotions.  When you got a Happy Meal at McDonalds there was a “free toy” inside … but not at Pizza Hut.

To the chagrin of parents everywhere nearly every single promotion Pizza Hut ran during this time was an add-on purchase.  It was brilliant plan that always ended up with the parents adding on $.99, $1.99, or even more to their tab.  Pizza Hut locked down some of the biggest properties of that time

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour (1990-93)– America’s most beloved ninja teens in the 1990s loved pizza more than they loved fighting the Shredder.  And with that Pizza Hut partnered up to sponsor their home video release as well as their infamous Coming Out Of Their Shells Tour, which can only be described as the absolute nadir of the TMNT craze during the decade of neon.

X-Men Creators’ Choice Video Pack (1993) – In the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Three you could wander into your favorite Pizza Hut restaurant and for only $4.99 add on a Creators’ Choice Video Pack featuring the X-Men!  Each pack featured a video tape with TWO count ’em TWO episodes from the FOX animated series, one of two five-minute video roundtable talks with Marvel Creators, one of two “ultra-slick X-Men trading cards” and a limited edition comic … whew!


I have zero familiarity with this promotion, but in doing research for this article I have been assured that the included comics were downright terrible, but are still available on the secondary market.

via [ComicsAlliance]

Pizza Hut Streetballs (1994) – Let’s put it this way, the Pizza Hutt Streetballs were a promotion with the NCAA Final Four and were arguably one of the all time greatest promotions than any restaurant has ever done.

A regulation sized basketball decorated with “hip” geometric designs could be yours for only $4.99.  EAT PIZZA. PLAY BASKETBALL. CONSUME. SLEEP.  MUDBUTT.

via [Memory Glands]

The Land Before Time Hand Puppets (1988-89) – During the film’s theatrical run, vinyl puppets of the main characters from The Land Before Time: Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, and Spike were available at  Pizza Hut restaurants for $.99 each.  When the film was released on home video all four characters were made available again along with Petri and Sharptooth.

While I haven’t seen The Land Before Time in 25 years, I couldn’t tell you anything about the actual plot; but I do have fond memories of playing with my Littlefoot and Petri puppets.

via [RetroJunk] and [Land Before Time Wiki]

Back To The Future Part II Solar Shades (1989) – The Pizza Hut brand was prominently featured in the McFly household in 2015 Hill Valley; and during the theatrical run you could pick up a pair of futuristic “solar shades” for only $1.99 (while supplies last).

Because when I think eyewear to protect my corneas from the Sun’s rays … I think Pizza Hut.

via [Retroist]

Did I miss your favorite Pizza Hut promotion? Sound off in the comments of let me know on Twitter @doubledumbass

Funko’s ReAction Line Is A Blast of Limited Articulation Nostalgia

Entertainment Earth unveiled the first images of Funko & Super7’s ReAction retro style action figures and I cannot underscore how happy I am that this line exists. I was a little hesitant when Funko announced that they had obtained the rights to produce figures based on some iconic genre properties like Escape from New York, Serenity, Terminator, Predator, Pulp Fiction, and Back to the Future.

How could the company whose focus to this point has been unarticulated vinyl collectibles navigate the treacherous waters of a line aimed squarely at the adult collector?  Well, Funko came out swinging today with first looks at some prototypes that had many denizens of the Interwebs hitting the pre-order button.

I’ve mirrored images of my favorites below so far, with Snake Plissken from Escape from New York and the T-800 Endoskeleton from Terminator tied for first place.

Entertainment Earth At five points articulation, Funko is clearly aiming for that nostalgia shaped hole in your heart.  I’m not the most business savvy individual, but I’m thinking they are going to sell a bajillion of these action figures.  Now here’s my question I pose to you, my loyal readers … would you like to see in-scale vehicles to this line?  If this line takes off and is a success we could see an announcement in that regard in the near future.

I am genuinely excited for the future of this line and we haven’t even seen what they have planned for some of the other licensed properties like The Goonies, Universal Monsters, Firefly, and Back to The Future.  If

Pre-orders are live on Entertainment Earth and if you are interested in purchasing them please do so through our affiliate link!

It’s Official. LEGO is Drunk On The Eighties, With A Ghostbusters Set Coming in 2014

Yesterday LEGO announced that the next CUUSOO set would be based on the Ghostbusters.  Let that resonate for a minute …. I’ll be back in a minute.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision a minifigure-scaled DeLorean Time Machine from Back To The Future.  After making that dream a reality those Danish bastards are taking a strong lead on winning the Internet in 2014 with this latest announcement.  The final design of the set will be based on a submission by Brent Waller titled Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary which was actually one of two Ghostbuster themed submissions during this review period.

GB640x360Final pricing, details, and a release date have yet to be announced.  However based on my extensive knowledge of all things LEGO I’m figuring a price point of $49.99, being that the vehicle will be twice the size as the DeLorean Time Machine and all four Ghostbusters will be included as well.

The Ultimate 2013 LEGO Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be honest, there really is no greater gift to than the gift of LEGO.  Perennially best sellers, LEGO construction sets are beloved the world over by all ages (especially one particular blogger … ahem)  With approximately 20 billion LEGO elements produced every year we can all agree ….  There. Is. No. Stopping. LEGO. Evar.

Because every once in a while you need some help with your gift shopping, I went ahead and picked out some of my favorite LEGO related items from 2013.  Hopefully there is something on this list for the LEGO maniac in your life.

For the Adult Fan of LEGO … LEGO Adventure Book, Vol 2

 $14.97 @ Amazon (Qualifies for Free Shipping)


No Starch Press has been putting out fantastic books about LEGO for quite some time.  One of their more recent releases by Megan H. Rothrock, a former designer with the LEGO Group, who channels the LEGO Idea Books of old as this latest volume features 40 step-by-step breaks downs and 100 example models

The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol 2 focuses on some  LEGO fan favorites: spaceships, pirates, and dragons and demonstrates some advanced building techniques and ingenious ways that LEGO elements can be connected.

For The Classic LEGO Fan … LEGO Castle – King’s Castle (70404)

$99.99 @ Entertainment Earth + Free Shipping

In 2013 LEGO returned to it’s Classic Castle roots when they revamped the Castle theme.  King’s Castle is reminiscent of one the all time great sets King’s Castle (6080) from 1984.

70404 King's Castle

The modern version comes in at 996 pieces with 7 minifigures, a battering ram, and a ton of awesome play features.  King’s Castle is modular in design so it  can be combined with The Gatehouse Raid (70402).

 For The Gamer in Your Life … LEGO Marvel Superheroes

$49.99 + Free Shipping @ Amazon


At this point it is futile to go on at length about the stellar job Telltale Games has done translating the LEGO for

m to the video game format.  Their latest licensed digital adventure is available on every gaming system and has been garnering really solid reviews since its release on October.

Unfortunately it’s a little too late to get the Wal-Mart per-order exclusive Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Polybag, but that won’t stop you from having hours of brick building, LEGO Galactus smashing fun!

For The Star Wars Fan … LEGO Star Wars – Millenium Falcon (7965)

$139.99 @ Entertainment Earth + Free Shipping

Fun fact, earlier this year my 23 year old brother called me to ask if I could rebuild his Millenium Falcon for him.  Apparently he got 2/3 of the way through the build as miscalculated somewhere along the line, causing the whole ship to be misaligned.  Being the dutiful big brother I am I painstakingly disassembled and sorted all of the pieces to start back at step one.

Millenium Falcon 7965

While I’ve never been a tremendous fan of the Star Wars LEGO sets, I must say that the Millenium Falcon has to be one of the most enjoyable builds I have had in quite a while.  It’s odd geometry  is well suited to the LEGO medium and the end result is a ship that is very sturdy and swooshable.  Track this most excellent LEGO set down for the Star Wars fan in your life.

 For Anyone … LEGO CUUSO – The Delorean Time Machine (21103)

$29.97 @ Amazon (Qualifies for Free Shipping)

And finally, arguably my favorite LEGO set of 2013 is a tremendous accomplishment as it started as a fan project on the LEGO CUUSO, where fans around the world can submit their designs for consideration to be turned into an actual set.

Delorean 22103

Released in August, the Delorean Time Machine features Marty McFly and Doc Brown minifigures and enough pieces to configure the Delorean into your favorite version from the Back to the Future trilogy (mine is definitely the hover mode variation from BTTF 2).

The LEGO Back To The Future DeLorean Has Arrived

Late yesterday the LEGO Overlords shone down upon me as I was able to obtain 21103 Cuusoo DeLorean Time Machine before the August 1st street date.  I completed the build and I have to say I’m thrilled with the results.



Look for a full review here later this week! But very briefly … don’t let the Interweb Neckbeards sway you, this is a fantastic set and an enjoyable build.  The fact that an officially licensed Back To The Future LEGO set even exists is remarkable.  What are you waiting for? Buy it already!!!

Nerd Summer Marches On At Monster Mania Con 25

I have yet to attend a Monster-Mania Con, but their lineup for their next show in August has me contemplating a trip to Cherry Hill, New Jersey the weekend of August 16th-18th.  The show will be headlined by Carrie Fisher, George Romero, Christopher Lloyd, Danny Glover, and Malcolm McDowell.

Image Credit: Monster Mania Con

While primarily a convention focused around the horror genre, Monster Mania Con has certainly began to branch out a bit with their guest booking over their last few shows.

For more information, tickets, and the latest guest announcements be sure to visit Monster-Mania Con on Facebook.

The LEGO Back To The Future Delorean Is A Thing That Is Happening

What started as a passion project on the LEGO CUUSO website in 2011, the LEGO Back to The Future Delorean Time Machine is inching ever closer to reality. Several LEGO fan blogs ran with the first official image this past weekend which was a shot of the vehicle on a LEGO Store calendar.

Image Credit []

Image Credit [Brick Fanatics UK]

No official word on price point, minifigures, or if the model will be able to be customized based on its appearance through the Back To The Future Trilogy. The great news is that this set will be available beginning July 18th.

via [From Bricks to Bothans]

“Back To The Future” in 35mm This Saturday at The Colonial Theatre

As part of their Young Audience series, the great Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA will be showing the Back to The Future this Saturday, April 27th.  My love for the Back to The Future franchise is well known and if it wasn’t due to the fact that my Saturday afternoon docket was already filled I would be there.

Despite the fact that we are expecting great weather this weekend in the Greater Philadelphia area by all means you should be sitting in one of my favorite local theaters enjoying Back to the Future in glorious 35mm.

Tickets are are $9.00 for Adults and $5.00 for Children 13 and under.  For more information about this screening and others, visit the Colonial Theatre online.

T-Shirts You Must Own: Drive 88 MPH from 604Republic

For me to plunk down my hard earned cash on a new geek t-shirt there are only two simple guidelines that I follow:

1) If it’s a mash-up, it has to be clever

2) No Dr. Who

Now 604Republic has a brand new offering: Drive 88 MPH, which not only satisfies both of my guidelines but celebrating two movies that I rather enjoy: Back to The Future and Drive.

Image via 604Republic.com

Image via 604Republic.com

Go ahead and order yours for the completely reasonable price of $22.00 plus shipping over at 604Republic.

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