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Is Defiance A Return to Form For SyFy?

I’ll be honest, it has been a long time since I’ve regularly watched original programming on the SyFy Channel.  After Battlestar Galactica ended its run back in 2009 there really hasn’t been much original programming to pique my interest.  Remember back when it was actually the SciFi Channel and they had the vastly underrated Farscape and how great a time that was to be a fan of the genre?  I’m starting to get that feeling again with every trailer I see for their new series Defiance.

io9 has seen the first three episodes of Defiance and the review is generally positive saying:

On a Syfy scale of Battlestar Galactica to Piranhaconda, Defiance is in the upper middle. It’s got heaps of promise and an amazing cast … It’s got a lot of heart and so far is a lot of fun.

Terraforming. Hot Alien Chicks. Main Character With Permanent Five O’Clock Stubble.  Post Apocalyptic.  It is as if the creators of Defiance made a keyword search through my science fiction wishlist.  Get your DVRs or torrent clients ready because Defiance premieres April 15th at 9pm on SyFy.

DDOY Review: Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome

Last week I finally had a chance to watch the entirety of Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome.  As soon as the opening credits rolled I forgot how much I missed having Battlestar Galactica in my life after a four year hiatus (and yes I’m completely ignoring Caprica).  The road for Blood & Chrome has been a long and winding one, it was set up as a two-hour series pilot for SyFy back in 2010 only to be shifted to a digital series and shelved for nearly two years.  Last fall it was broken up into 10-part web series on Machinima, and finally broadcast as a full movie on SyFy a couple of weeks back.

Being the long time fan that I am, I waited for the SyFy broadcast because I wanted to enjoy Blood & Chrome on my home theater. And after getting that two hours of Battlestar bliss into my system I came away with the gnawing feeling that this is it for Ronald D. Moore’s vision of Battlestar Galactica. While the tone may have been right, I didn’t feel as though Blood & Chrome added anything significant to the mythos. While we got a glimpse of the First Cylon War and the beginnings of William Adama’s career in the Colonial Fleet; in the end all Blood & Chrome was really just a tease of a greater story that will go untold.

And along those lines, there was never a time where I felt that if Blood & Chrome was well received and did well enough through its three separate outlets: digital, broadcast, and Bluray/DVD that the powers that be at SyFy would be willing to green light a full season (or additional installments). There was a period of time where the original Battlestar Galactica was costing $1.5-2 million an episode. In today’s climate there are very few outlets that bankroll those kind of productions and for the most part they are on premium cable.

In the end, Blood & Chrome satiated my hunger for new Battlestar Galactica and made me want to start a fresh run through the original series on DVD. Overall the reception for the most part seems to be lukewarm; as fans are singing its praises while others seem appreciative of the effort but realize ultimately that this is the end.

Official DDOY Rating: I highly recommended this for ardent Battlestar Galactica fans looking for a little bit extra from one of the great modern science fiction series. Also fans of Caprica Six should be pleased in the final act as there is a subtle nod to everyone’s favorite skinjob.

BSG: Blood & Chrome Has Found Husker

As someone who has a deep, unrequited love of Battlestar Galactica (Season 1-3 at least) I couldn’t have been happier to hear of the development of a new entry chronicling the First Cylon War, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.

The prequel will follow the career of rookie Viper pilot, William ‘Husker’ Adama glimpses of which were seen in the Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie.

Despite my feverish admiration for all things Cylon I was never able to get into Caprica, despite some of the good things that were said about it. With BSG: B&C going into production shortly, Geeks of Doom is reporting that Luke Pasqualino has been cast as Young Adama. Additionally, GoD is providing the most concise plot description we have seen so far:

Pasqualino will star as the young, talented fighter pilot William Adama, a recent Academy graduate who finds himself assigned to the newest Battlestar in the Colonial fleet: the Galactica. Full of ambition and in pursuit of the intense action that the Cylon war promises, Adama quickly finds himself at odds with Coker (Cotton), the battle-weary officer to whom he reports. With 45 days left in his tour of duty, Coker desires an end to battle just as much as Adama craves the start of it. Though they clash at first, the two men forge an unlikely bond when a routine mission turns dangerous and becomes a pivotal one for the desperate fleet.

Caprica seemed to have a lot of people talking, whereas it seems as though B&C will return to what made BSG so good … Vipers engaging Cylon Raiders in space dogfights and a crotchety officer who sounds a lot like Colonel Tigh.

Sounds like SyFy is doing something worthwhile for the first time in a long time. As a BSG fan, I will be following the development of B&C closely in the months ahead.

News Credit: [Geeks of Doom]

Caprica Six Joins The BSG Party At New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is fast approaching, and I have to get me shit together. This week it was announced that Tricia Helfer, the sexiest Cylon hybrid this side of the Colonies had been added to the show’s guest list. Previously announced Battlestar Galactica guests include: Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), Michelle Forbes (Admiral Cain), and Richard Hatch (Original Starbuck & Tom Zarek).


Back in 2008 I waited nearly 3 1/2 hours in line for the chance to meet Katee Sackhoff at Wizard World Philly. I attempted to be snarky, and my brother sneaked a photo of us together in which I have the biggest shit eating grin I’ve ever put on.

If I was barely able to contain myself with Katee, how am I supposed to fare with Tricia Helfer. She exists on a whole other plain of unbearable attractiveness. I’m pretty sure that If I look at her directly I’ll end up melting like the Nazis did at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The One SDCC Exclusive You Need: Cylon Toaster 2.0

This time last year I was jonesin’ for San Diego Comic Con exclusives like the Cobra Commander & Nemesis Prime. So far this year, there hasn’t been previewed that looks exciting, or worth the effort to A) find someone to pick it up for me at the show, or B) wait until it is released and purchase it online.

Sure this year’s list is chock full of awesome stuff that I don’t or won’t collect; but a combination of ratcheting down my purchases as well as saving for a home to store all of my collection is most certainly a motivating factor.

However, my wife pointed out to me earlier in the week that NBC is going to be doing an update of their Cylon toaster … now with an LED glowing eye! You can actually pre-order now for $90.00.

cylon toaster 2.0 sdcc exclusive nbc universal store

For a more detailed listing of the action figure exclusives, Action Figure Insider is maintaining a pretty thorough list here. And as always, for up-to-date convention news and updates … go check out the big boys who have the staffing and testicular fortitude to report live from the floor at SDCC.

Adama Maneuvers To Wizard World Philly

Apparently the folks at Wizard decided to get their collective asses in gear and get some quality guests for this June’s Wizard World Philly. And I have to give them some credit, they booked the command staff of the Battlestar Galactica, Edward James Olmos (Admiral Bill Adama) and Michael Hogan (Col. Saul Tigh) have been scheduled to appear. Frakin’ A.

Edward James Olmos & Michael Hogan To Appear At Wizard World Philly

Last year at WWP, I met Katee Sackhoff and was absolutely distracted by her hawtness. Hopefully my undying admiration for two of the most badass characters in modern sci-fi won’t turn me into a stammering idiot this time around.

At this point in time, the only thing that would make me happier would to have Optimus Prime rolling up on the show floor. I could really care less about the less than impressive exclusives and the fact that Marvel has yet to commit to a serious presence.

Mutiny on The Galactica?

To say the final season of Battlestar Galactica has been intense would be an understatement. This past Friday’s episode “A Disquiet Follows My Soul” really began to set things in motion for what may end up being an unhappy resolution.

A lot of stuff happened, the renegade Cylons are trying to integrate themselves into the fleet, Gaeta is talking mutiny, Laura Roslin has given up, and Admiral Adama is trying to stay the course.

Lots of reveals on and off screen with just 8 episodes left in the series. We find that Tyrol’s son isn’t really his, Callie was a whore, Tigh & Six are having a Cylon baby, Gaius Baltar is still the fucking man … and whips up discontent as if it is nothing to him. A lot of human drama the last two weeks, but I could go for some space battles at this point. I mean, the Cylons have to catch up at some point right?

So this week’s episode doesn’t look to well. A lot of people are getting their asses handed to them, and even appears that the Adama men are in for some bad times.

Own A Piece of Battlestar History

Later this week hundreds, if not thousands of items from Battlestar Galactica will be up for auction through PropWorx. The items range from everything from scripts and concept drawings, to actual costumes and even control panels from the Galactica’s CIC.

A couple of years back I attempted to get in on the big Star Trek auction, but that stuff was waaaay out of my reach. Fortunately, PropWorx has actually gone ahead and posted a bunch of items on eBay. While these particular items are singularly unique, there are lots of awesomeness. From the press release,

As part of our Live Auction weekend, Propworx has launched 200 auctions on eBay, that will end Monday, January 19th, the day after the Live Auction ends. These 200 auctions are less expensive items, including several “Dutch” auctions, which each has multiples of the same item. The idea is to give every collector a chance to win a genuine piece of Battlestar Galactica.

There is a Book of Pythia, a mini-series script and production sketches are all great items that will make hard core fans stand up and take notice. Patches, Viper nameplates, ration packs and items from Baltar’s lab are all part of the auction as well. There are even over 30 costumes available, including Carolane Adama, Admiral Adama’s wife.

The auctions can be found here, I’ve actually went ahead and placed bids on some smaller items, like Galactica flight suit patches, and I’m watching some others right now. I’ll have to be careful, there are 6 days left in the auction and I got be sure to keep things under my budget

Klingons, Wookies, and Schrute

I must admit, I haven’t been keeping up on the new season of The Office. It’s mainly due to the fact that too much goes on Thursday nights. My TiVo just isn’t up to snuff.

The writers of The Office has a track record of throwing geek references into the show specifically ones involving Battlestar Galactica. The set up in this episode, Dwight makes the claim that he doesn’t conduct any personal business during work hours. Jim tasks him to task by using a stop watch to catch Dwight slacking … and this includes discussing topics that are non-work related. To try and entrap him, Jim talks to Andy about Battlestar Galactica.

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