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Brian Blessed Doesn’t Take Shit From Dinner Guests

Over the course of my time here I have made mention of the sheer greatness that is the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon. One of the things that makes that movie so damn watchable is Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan, leader of the Hawkmen.

According to IMDB via the UK’s Daily Mail, Blessed was scheduled to appear at a function in the UK but stormed out after another guest mentioned that Flash Gordon was not a good movie.

The unnamed man who made the comment tells the publication, “All I said was that I did not rate Flash Gordon, that I thought it was c**p.

“Blessed got upset, grabbed me and walked out. I honestly don’t know why. I certainly did not call him any names.

There are very few celebrities that I would want to party with, I must admit that Brian Blessed has easily rocketed to the top of the list.

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