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GI Joe’s Chuckles is Pretty Much Sam Axe From Burn Notice

There are few things in life I enjoy more than Larry Hama’s GI Joe for Marvel. In my quest to gather all 155 issues of the main series, I’ve secured nearly half of his spin-off series GI Joe: Special Missions. Running for 28 issues beginning in 1986, Special Missions were standalone stories that dealt with some of the background characters.

One such character that is featured rather prominently is Chuckles, an undercover agent who had a proclivity for Hawaiian Print shirts. Chuckles is basically Sam Axe from Burn Notice … which is awesome.


In Special Mission #11, we find that Chuckles has brought in three female Joes: Scarlett, Jinx, & Lady Jaye to assist with a hostage situation. And while he briefs them on the situation, he doesn’t have time to be politically correct.


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