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Arm Chair Toy Fair 2015 – TMNT LEGO No More, NECA’s Power Loader, Diamond Select Takes on “Ghostbusters” & More

ArmchairSDCC14Toy Fair International is running throughout off the weekend at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York City and lots of press releases and photographs of the latest and greatest in nerd culture is hitting the Interwebz.

The collector’s event for Hasbro is taking place Saturday afternoon with Mattel’s big event scheduled for early Sunday morning.  Until then, I have gathered some of the biggest surprises and reveals to date.  Keep an eye out here all weekend for the latest and greatest from Toy Fair 2015!

TMNTlegonomoreTMNT LEGO NO MORE!!! — Mattel and Nickelodeon announced in a press release that beginning in 2016 Mega Bloks will be producing construction sets based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  LEGO will obviously sell out their remaining stock based on the current animated series as well as the lackluster sets based on the 2014 live action movie.

I fully expect the first wave of TMNT LEGO sets will see their secondary market prices increase in the coming months. [via The Brick Fan]

“Get away from her you bitch!” — After much anticipation NECA revealed the prototype for of Lt. Ellen Ripley and her Power Loader from the science fiction classics Aliens.

Image via Toy News International

Image via Toy News International

The folks at Toy News International have a really good look at everything NECA has in the works, including their continuing Pacific Rim, 8-bit tribute figures and a 12″ Christopher Reeves as Superman.   [via Toy News International]

Diamond Select Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost! — It looks as though the good people at Diamond Select Toys quietly picked up the license to make action figures based on Ghostbusters!  In their booth they had prototypes of Ray Stanz and Winston Zedmore on display and from the initial look it appears they learned from Mattel’s  bungling of the license are doing everything right. [via The Fwoosh]

Gordon’s Alive!?! — Bif Bang Pow is rolling out a line of 3.75″ scale action figures based on the characters of the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon.  The first wave will include: Flash Gordon, Prince Vultan, Prince Baron, Ming the Merciless and Princess Aura.



As a youth my GI Joes would have done unspeakable things to a 3.75″ Princess Aura … just saying.

[via Action Figure Insider]

Death to Ming! Flash Gordon Returns This April!

The greatest pulp action hero of them all and the savior of the universe, Flash Gordon, is returning to comic book shops this April with an all new creative team from Dynamite Entertainment.  Jeff Parker (Batman ’66) and Evan Shaner (Deadpool) will take Flash to the planet Mongo where he will inevitable encounter the evil Ming the Merciless.

This series is a follow up to King’s Watch, where Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, and The Phantom teamed up Defenders of the Earth-style (which was a really fun read).  My anticipation for this title is only building after Bleeding Cool ran some of the variants and retailer incentives Dynamite Entertainment has lined up for this title launch, specifically this Death To Ming propaganda style poster.


“Flash Gordon #1” Retailer Exclusive Variant Cover

Flash Gordon #1 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ February Previews catalog, slated for release on April 9, 2014. 

Credit: [Bleeding Cool]

Of Big Trouble, Autobots, and Saviors of The Universe: My Ideal Saturday Matinee

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a group of like-minded individuals organized by Brian from Cool & Collected.  Each member contributes a post on the weekly assignment, which is shared and cross posted across the group.  The first assignment:

What movie is, or was, your “go to” Saturday matinee — the comfort movie you always popped into the VCR on a rainy Saturday afternoon, the movie you watched over and over again, driving your parents crazy while you recited the lines along with the characters on the screen?

Most people can point to a movie as being their go to childhood flick.  You know the one I’m talking about, it’s the one that your parents would begrudgingly pop into the VCR every weekend.  Over time the sound would pop or the picture would jump because it had been rewound far too many times.

I never had just a movie.  I had three movies, which I know refer to as my Trifecta of 80’s Awesomeness: Big Trouble in Little China, Transformers: The Movie, and Flash Gordon. And you want to know why it was so awesome? They were on just one VCR tape. My dad had a knack for making *ahem* duplicates of VHS tapes through an elaborate system of VHS decks.  With love and dedication, my dad worked it out to get all three movies on to one VHS tape, guaranteeing close to 5 1/2 hours of uninterrupted TV time.

To this day I still have a deep and profound love for those movies.  Partly due to the dedication from my dad to ensure that I had uninterrupted flow of 80s cheese pipelined directly into my cerebral cortex. To this day I can listen to the score from Transformers: The Movie and articulate the scenes in which each movement occurs.  I can go line for line with Jack Burton, and the Flash Gordon soundtrack is among my most played on my iPod.  To this day, I never grow tired of any of these movies. And I may argue that these three movies could be tied for the greatest 80s movie theme songs (Footloose can suck it!)

I have a primal compulsion to watch them every time they pop up, much to the chagrin of my wife.  Of the three, I think she prefers Big Trouble in Little China … but she will never admit to that.

More From The League:

Good Ol’ Saturday Matinee Weirdness via GeekChunks

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Brian Blessed Doesn’t Take Shit From Dinner Guests

Over the course of my time here I have made mention of the sheer greatness that is the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon. One of the things that makes that movie so damn watchable is Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan, leader of the Hawkmen.

According to IMDB via the UK’s Daily Mail, Blessed was scheduled to appear at a function in the UK but stormed out after another guest mentioned that Flash Gordon was not a good movie.

The unnamed man who made the comment tells the publication, “All I said was that I did not rate Flash Gordon, that I thought it was c**p.

“Blessed got upset, grabbed me and walked out. I honestly don’t know why. I certainly did not call him any names.

There are very few celebrities that I would want to party with, I must admit that Brian Blessed has easily rocketed to the top of the list.

Flash Gordon’s New Director Thinks The TV Show Sucked Too

Anyone who has been around DDOY knows that I am deeply and passionately in love with the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon. It is a movie that I have loved since the first time I saw back when I was 6 or 7 years old.

Flash Gordon has been around forever and rumors of a remake have been circling the Interwebs for years now. Various directors have been attached and casting wish lists have been made. The most recent incarnation of Flash Gordon was that shitty SyFy Channel hour long … which we all want to just forget about.

Over at io9, they have a brief interview with Director Breck Eisner whose latest The Crazies (itself a remake), who has picked up the cause of Flash Gordon and will be shepherding it back into theaters in the very near future.

For me, nothing will surpass the 1980 film. Maybe it’s the iconic theme song or the badassery of Brian Blessed … however Eisner won me over when he made the following statement in regards to the television series:

No. Not at all, [ughhh]. I thought the TV series was not good. I think it did a lot of damage to the brand. To do Flash Gordon right — one of the reasons you can’t is because of budget

Thank God. The man gets it! Also if you go to check out the rest of the interview he talks about what we will definitely be seeing more Hawkmen in his Flash Gordon.

Flash Aa-Ah Gordon LEGO Set!

While perusing one of my many interweb haunts, I came across one of the more badass custom LEGO designs over at Eurobricks. Over there, user LegoLyons created this little Flash Gordon vignette featuring Flash, Ming, Princess Aura, and Prince Vultan.


Whoever and whereever you are LegoLyons, I applaud your efforts. Not only did you create a kickass diorama, you captured the look of the 1980 cult classic film. I would gladly dish out some cold hard cash for this, and I’m sure many die hard Flash Gordon fans would agree.

Yeah, Prince Vultan is Thor’s Daddy

Brian Blessed who played Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen who is arguably the second greatest aspect of the 1980 classic Flash Gordon (after the kick ass Queen soundtrack), has been cast as Thor’s father Odin in director Kenneth Branagh’s live action comic adaptation.

I always figured that Blessed would have made an excellent Volstagg, he of the Warrior Three, but this news makes my geek heart go pitter patter.

Best Movie Theme Song … Evar

Queen’s theme for the 1980 cult classic, Flash Gordon is hands down the best theme song in movie history. It puts all of the James Bond & Disney films to shame. Nothing can quite reach that same pinnacle of awesomeness that this does.

Random, yes … but I was wearing my “Flash” shirt today and felt compelled to share this all with you. Enjoy or disregard, it’s your choice.

An Open Letter to the SciFi Channel

Dear SciFi Channel Executives:

I’ve been a fan of your network since I was a little kid, where I got my first exposure to the likes of Battlestar Galactica (70s), the Nightstalker, and Dr. Who. It was always a channel that I could rely on for a good sci-fi/fantasy/horror flick when nothing else was on TV. My true love for SciFi came during my freshman year of college when I discovered Farscape. I came in on the tail end of the run, and was severely disappointed when you guys dropped it. It remains one of the smartests and original shows that has ever been on television; and it was Battlestar Galactica before there was Battlestar Galactica. Granted you threw us ‘Scapers a bone with The Peacekeeper Wars … but we’re still jonesing for more.

Now you have a bona fide hit in Battlestar Galactica, which is unfortunately beginning its final season this fall with BSG:Razor. There was much hype about a new series based on scifi’s most beloved properties … Flash Gordon. I was giddy at the prospect of hearing that beautiful Queen soundtrack each Friday night as I fired up the TiVo. Well, that anticipation has faded after three episodes because Flash Gordon is a giant steaming pile of shit. This show is horrendously bad. It’s so bad I’d rather watch Mansquito or Frankenfish again. Sure Eric Johnson’s Flash looks the part, but as a viewer I can’t make the connection. And Ming?!? What the fuck is that about? My favorite part is the transition to Mongo (err Canada) … fwoosh into a “rift” and then “Oh look, the sky is orange we must be on another planet”.

There is so much potential for this property and you drove it into the “serious sci-fi” range of BSG. Why couldn’t you have fun? There aren’t any rocket ships, weird lizard guys, or half naked chicks. There is a reason why that 1980 film version is widely beloved among the nerdery … because it’s over the top and has a hero that you can’t help but root for. All this show ends up looking like is a shitty ripoff of Sliders. The only thing that show had going for it was Gimli and Kari Wuhrer, and occasionally some dinosaurs. What does this new Flash Gordon have going for it? NOTHING. This show stinks, and I have a hard time believing it will make it past Thanksgiving. Good job at fucking over another property SciFi, you’re getting rather good at it. Perhaps you could give me an answer as to why this abortion of a show got a 22-episode order and BSG gets shafted after 4 seasons?

You Guys Stink.

Flash Gordon: New Series Trailer

I am an unabashed Flash Gordon fan. The classic Queen theme song is my ring tone on my phone. I just purchased the “Flash” from Stylin Online. The 1980 film adaptation is part of my trifecta of movie awesomeness along with Big Trouble in Little China & Transformers: The Movie. You can imagine my excitement when SciFi Channel announced that they were making a new Flash Gordon series. w00t! At this time there isn’t much known about the show. Entertainment Weekly did have a mini feature on the new show. This time around Flash is a world-class triathlete who gets sucked into Mongo through some wormholes. Count me in. Whoever this guy is, he’s got the look. I just hope that this new series embraces the lighter side of the character. It will be a nice balance to the uber-seriousness that is Battlestar Galactica.

A major point of contention has been whether this new series will use the iconic theme song by Queen. Well, Scramble Network linked up to the teaser trailer on Scifi.com, and if you listen closely you’ll hear a familiar tune. Absolutely stoked for this one. Now if just someone would call me I could hear that very same tune … sigh.

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