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Yo Joe! Here’s A First Look At JoeCon ’14 Show Exclusives

With JoeCon ’14 getting underway in Dallas, TX  we are now getting our first glimpses at the exclusives available to attendees.  I’ve been a huge fan of how JoeCon has reworked the environmentally conscienceous ECO Warriors form the early nineties into a zombie fighting task force.

Flying Ninja Kick had our first look at the Eco-Force ECO Striker which is a direct homage to the original vehicle from 1992 and a repaint from the GI Joe: Retaliation line.  While I’ve all but stopped collecting modern Joes I’m getting a little bummed I didn’t find a way to snap up these exclusives.

More exclusives are going to be revealed throughout the weekend and for those hardcore GI Joe fans be sure to follow Generals Joes, Flying Ninja Kick, and Hiss Tank for more late breaking news from JoeCon ’14.



DDOY Review: GI Joe: Retaliation

If there is one thing that can be said of GI Joe: Retaliation is that it effectively wiped the memory of GI Joe: Rise of Cobra from my long term memory.  From this point forward there is no further need to revisit the horror that Stephen Sommers had wrought: Accelerator Suits, Ripcord, or that ridiculous Duke/Baroness back story.  Director Jon M. Chu delivered the GI Joe movie that my inner 9 year old self always wanted.

GI Joe: Retaliation -- SO FULL OF AWESOME

Let’s just start with the fact that Retaliation had goddamned ninjas fighting on the side of a mountain, and it was awesome.  Cobra Commander actually looked like Cobra Commander (no more Joseph Gordon Levitt behind a silly transparent mask and respirator).  And let’s not forget about the fact that there were honest to goodness real life versions of GI Joe vehicles in this one: AWE Strikers, Cobra Fangs, Water Moccasins and HISS Tanks!

Retaliation is the closest in tone to GI Joe: Resolute, the 2009 animated mini-series penned by Warren Ellis (which is a very good thing). And much like that mini-series, what made this movie enjoyable was the fact that the GI Joes actually did what they are supposed to do .. use high tech gadgets on covert missions all in attempt to thwart Cobra’s plan for world domination.

From here on out the discussion will be mildly spoilerish ….

  • I love, love, loved Snake Eyes’ & Jinx mission to recover Storm Shadow from the mountain fortress. Which was a huge call back to Larry Hama’s GI Joe #21 the Silent Issue.
  • Of course Cobra Commander’s plan for ruling the world was overly complex and super expensive.  How does Cobra have the capital for this kind of thing?
  • I have to agree with Rob Bricken of io9, that The Rock was born to be in a live action GI Joe movie.
  • I really dug RZA as the head of the Arishkage Clan, and the turning of Storm Shadow onto the Joe’s side (for now).
  • Hey Paramount is it possible to get a Snake Eyes & The Ninja Force spin off? MAKE IT HAPPEN.
  • Despite being one of my favorite Joes, Flint was pretty much useless throughout the film.  He was the Joe’s parkour/free running specialist … and specialist in not following orders.

GI Joe: Retaliation earns an Official DDOY Rating of stars if only for the fact that it’s so good at making me forget that Rise of Cobra ever happened and for the prodigious use of ninjas.

Snake Eyes Will Get Your Hot Dog Order Wrong

Snake Eyes may be a master of multiple martial arts disciplines, but never send him on a hot dog run.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this ESPN/GI JOE: Retaliation spot.  It features three of my most favorite things in life: Snake Eyes, Hot Dogs, and John Kruk aka The Krukker aka The Greatest Philadelphia Phillie Evar.  Can I see GI JOE: Retaliation yet?


And Now, Back To Another GI JOE: Retaliation Trailer!

With the long awaited premiere just weeks away a new international trailer for GI JOE: Retaliation showed up online.  It has a majority of the same footage we have been seeing for well over the last year, but there is a bit there with Storm Shadow interacting with Bruce Willis’ Joe Colton character.  I can only hope that means we get a super ninja team up between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

And for the record, I never grow weary of that Snake Eyes vs. Red Ninjas flying mountain side battle.  At the end of the day just remember Joe fans, there is no way this could be any worse than the first movie.

GI JOE: Retaliation his theaters Friday, March 29th.

via [io9]

Cobra Special Forces Needs You!

Just when I thought that Paramount did not have a solid marketing plan for GI JOE: Retaliation, this rather well done recruitment video for Cobra Special Forces hits the Interwebz.

Is that Keith David doing the voice over? That is Keith David doing the voice over!!! (*Slow clap*)  Well played Paramount, well played.

If you have what it takes to join the fight, sign up here for Cobra Special Forces.


My Top 10 Anticipated Movies of 2013

10 — GI JOE: Retaliation (March 29)

I should have been enjoying this movie over Christmas on my Blu Ray player.  Instead, Paramount pulled the picture weeks before release to post-convert it into 3D and expand the storyline of Duke (Channing Tatum).    The only real reason it made this list is that it comes out on my birthday, it really was borderline.

9— Monsters University (June 21)

I was never a Disney kid growing up.  GI Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, and Ninja Turtles were my animated fare of choice.  It wasn’t until I started dating my wife that I became more exposed to the Disney/Pixar offerings, and this was the one that did me in.  I’m really digging the marketing campaign they have put together for this one, and I’m very excited to see the college days of Mike and Sully.

8 — Oblivion (April 19)

Tron: Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski returns with an original science fiction tale starring Tom Cruise as one of the last humans left on a ravaged future Earth.  I featured the trailer here not too long ago, and while it’s received some criticism for Tom Cruise’s “everyman” character being a little contrived; however I can’t but be impressed by the visual style of Kosinski.

7 — Man Of Steel (June 14)

I wasn’t sold on this one until I saw the trailer running in front of The Hobbit.  As much as I feel that Zack Snyder has gotten wrong of late, it looks like he got Kal-El pegged in this re-reboot of Superman Returns.

6 — Pacific Rim (July 12)

Guillermo Del Toro.  Giant Robots. Giant Monsters.  Idris Elba.  You can have my $12.00 because there is no way I am not seeing this.  If anything I hope Pacific Rim gets the studios to allow Del Toro to make his long in gestation adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness.

5 — The World’s End (October 25)

I’m sure this an unexpected pick here, but there are few things in this world that get me as giddy as Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in a movie together.  As much as I wasn’t a fan of Wright’s last venture Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, this capstone to his loose trilogy of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  

4 –The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (December 13)

Peter Jackson has yet to do me wrong with his cinematic adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s tales of Middle Earth, so why would I doubt him now?  I’m all in on this new trilogy.

3 — Iron Man 3 (May 3)

Director Shane Black reunites with Robert Downey Jr. as the Iron Avenger squares off against The Mandarin (as played by Sir Ben Kingsley).  Based on the trailer it looks as though we are going to see a more human side of Tony Stark, who is dealing with the after effects of the Battle of New York from The Avengers. 

2 –Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17)

Despite the success of Star Trek (2009) JJ Abrams remains a divisive talking point among Star Trek fans.  That fervor was renewed with the release of the full trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness which features a character that may or may not be Khan (or associated with Khan in some way) and the USS Enterprise hiding out underneath an alien ocean.

1 — Anchorman: The Legend Continues (December 20)

The long anticipated sequel to what is undoubtedly the funniest movie of all time. And this could be the greatest Christmas gift of all time, eclipsing the birth of Jesus himself.  I have lofty expectations, but considering this is the franchise that gave us Sex Panther and the true German translation of San  Diego and I know it can deliver.

Honorable Mentions: World War Z, Riddick, Fast & Furious 6, After Earth, Thor: The Dark Worlds, A Good Day To Die Hard, This Is The End, & The Wolverine


A New GI Joe Retaliation 3D Has Hit! Terrible Photoshop Alert!

Hey I really like it when movie posters are just a bunch of the star’s heads super imposed over some cool explosions. I also like it when you can tell that the poster is actually a composite of random promotional images already released.  — says no one.

Paramount spent an ungodly amount of money to promote GI Joe: Retaliation last year, only to pull it weeks before release so it could be then post-converted for a 3D release in 2013.  Of all that money spent couldn’t they have hired an artist or design group that could produce a poster that didn’t look like a piece of fan-art?

Bad Photoshop

via [Screen Crush]

So About That GI JOE: Retaliation Pushback

I’ve come to terms that I won’t be seeing GI JOE: Retaliation until March 2013. And now GeneralsJoes is reporting via Deadline that there is more to the delay than meets the eye (see what I did there).

Earlier screenings were met with two criticisms.  The first being that Roadblock (The Rock) and Duke (Channing Tatum) didn’t develop a good relationship before … SPOILER ALERT Duke died.  The second criticism was that the film wasn’t in 3D.  A source within Paramount pointed to these areas in addition to the flop of Battleship as reason enough to go back and work on these area.

Apparently additional footage has or will be shot with Channing Tatum, who may or may not die now.  As long as we are getting the best possible product, I’m okay waiting until 2013.

Credit: Deadline via GeneralsJoes

GI Joe: Retaliation Got Pushed to 2013, You Can Blame Battleship

Hey remember how fans were genuinely excited to see GI JOE: Retaliation this June? Paramount decided that instead of capitalizing on the buzz by pushing the release back NINE MONTHS to post convert the film to 3D.

I had a hard time believing the story when I first saw it on Topless Robot, because you know … it’s Rob.  But when I saw there were multiple confirmed reports I was genuinely pissed off.  Was Paramount scared of The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man? Or were they afraid they’d have a Battleship type disaster on their hands?

The only good to come of this is that GI JOE: Retaliation will be coming out on my birthday, March 29, 2013.  I’d like to echo something Rob brought up over at Topless Robot:

And what about Hasbro? Did they get any say in this? Aren’t G.I. Joe: Retaliation toys on toy shelves right now? These figures have been produced and shipped and stocked months ago; Hasbro can’t ask retail stores if they mind putting all their shit in the back until March. I wonder if Paramount has to pay Hasbro some kind of restitution for the loss they’ll incur on the Retaliation figures without an in-theaters movie to promote them, or if Hasbro is just getting totally fucked.

Hasbro is absolutely getting fucked in this.  Retaliation toys have indeed started to show up at retail, and now what?  Will Hasbro end up pulling everything back?  Possibly … but there isn’t anything else for them to put out. I just can’t get over how exceedingly stupid of a move this is with a little over a month to go before the film’s release.  I do understand one thing though, Paramount took a huge loss on Battleship … and may just be looking to write off 2012 in hopes of 2013 being a better year with Retaliation and Star Trek XII on the schedule.

GI JOE: Retaliation = More Ninjas, Less Wayans Brothers

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m thoroughly excited for GI JOE: Retaliation.  The latest theatrical trailer fleshes out more of the plot, and has a few more new scenes to tease the fans.

Retaliation is a more grounded, and less comical take than their 2009 GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra. And from what I’ve seen so far, Director Jon M. Chu nailed it.  Cobra Commander actually looks like Cobra Commander! Firefly! Snake Eyes and Jinx fighting Red Ninjas on the side of a mountain!!@!@

Seriously,  I need to see this right now.

Credit: [First Showing]

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