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Heather Locklear Brings The Hawtness

I was going to write out a witty and overly clever post about these pictures that I found over at Egotastic. The only thing I have to say is me gusta.

Now here comes the standard DDoY question: Would You Hit It?

Heather Locklear Maintains The Hawtness - Click for Larger Heather Locklear Maintains The Hawtness

My answer is yes, I would hit it … like a Class 5 Hurricane. And so would you … don’t lie. Ms. Locklear has been hot since Dynasty she even out-sexied THE Shatner on TJ Hooker.

Hot Old Broads Part II

Don’t get me wrong, Morgan Fairchild was and still is an attractive woman. However, she does not hold a candle to the hawtness that is Raquel Welch. A sex symbol since the classic, One Million Years B.C. in her animal skin bikini (which I have a picture of on my wall)

Seriously, she is 66 years old … born in 1940. Again I ask … would you hit it? And again I’d have to respond with an emphatic yes.

Raquel Welch Still Hot

Raquel Welch Still Hot

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