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“You Go In The First 5 Seconds” A New International Trailer for Riddick

I have been eagerly anticipating the big screen return of Richard B. Riddick for quite some time now as the release of Riddick is just months away.  Vin Diesel returns to his signature role in a story which more closely resembles that of Pitch Black then say The Chronicles of Riddick.  A new international trailer has been released which details some of the broad strokes of the sequel: hostile planet, bounty hunters, big scary nocturnal predators … and I couldn’t be more excited.  And you know what doesn’t hurt at all? Katee Sackhoff.

I give Diesel a lot of credit, he clearly enjoys the hell out of this character and has fought long and hard to keep the franchise going despite the lukewarm box office and critical results of The Chronicles of Riddick.

I have thoroughly enjoyed both entries in the Riddick-verse and I highly suggest seeking out the Director’s Cut of The Chronicles of Riddick.  As silly as the whole Necromonger mythology is, there are some critical scenes and characters cut out which help flesh out Riddick’s past and frame out some of the awkward religious babble.

via [Ain’t It Cool News]

Caprica Six Joins The BSG Party At New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is fast approaching, and I have to get me shit together. This week it was announced that Tricia Helfer, the sexiest Cylon hybrid this side of the Colonies had been added to the show’s guest list. Previously announced Battlestar Galactica guests include: Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), Michelle Forbes (Admiral Cain), and Richard Hatch (Original Starbuck & Tom Zarek).


Back in 2008 I waited nearly 3 1/2 hours in line for the chance to meet Katee Sackhoff at Wizard World Philly. I attempted to be snarky, and my brother sneaked a photo of us together in which I have the biggest shit eating grin I’ve ever put on.

If I was barely able to contain myself with Katee, how am I supposed to fare with Tricia Helfer. She exists on a whole other plain of unbearable attractiveness. I’m pretty sure that If I look at her directly I’ll end up melting like the Nazis did at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Katee Sackhoff Is All Soapy, Still Hot

I was late to embrace it, but Big Bang Theory is a fun show. My wife and I were finally able to catch up this past week after a combination of throttling our Netflix queue, DVR, and … other online viewing outlets that aren’t necessarily sanctioned.

This past week’s episode featured a dream sequence with the ever beautiful Katee Sackhoff all soaped up in bubble bath dream sequence. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth the two minutes. Big Bang Theory does a solid job of incorporating nerdy references to all things sci-fi, and so far this season there’s been quite a few BSG references.

Katee Sackhoff Made My Wizard World

The culmination of my Wizard World Philly 2008 experience was meeting Katee Sackhoff. Two hours in line was well worth the wait. Fortunately I did not make an ass out of myself, but I did have an ultimate geek out moment … she’s Starbuck after all.

Katee Sackhoff @ Wizard World Philly

She was very fan friendly, and took a moment to interact with each of the sweaty fanboys that has assembled on a lovely June afternoon. Security was tight, but I was able to snap a few pictures … check them out after the jump.


The Smelly, Unwashed, Huddled Masses at Wizard World Philly

I’ll most certainly be in attendance among the teeming masses at Wizard World Philly when it rolls into town at the end of the month. Last year was my first visit to the Con, which I believe is in its 7th year. WWP has suffered from what many refer to as “red-headed stepchild syndrome”. It seems that the big name talent, guests, and exclusives seem to skip over Philly and wind up in Chicago or San Diego.

Comic Book Guy PWNS

I’ll admit, the guest list was looking a little shady up until 2-3 weeks ago when there weren’t many notables on the roster. I was super psyched when it was announced that Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) from BSG would be appearing. Well Frak me. I got notified of an update early this morning to find out that none other than Max Brooks author of two of my favorite books, “The Zombie Survival Guide” & “World War Z” will be sitting in on a panel and signing as well. That’s nine kinds of awesome. And of course there is a veritable gaggle of “Wrestling Superstars” … including that guy Virgil that hounds people to pay for his autograph every time.

Getting back to the comic side of things (that’s what it’s all about afterall) we’ve got some quality guys showing up: Greg Pak (World War Hulk & Incredible Hercules), Garth Ennis (Punisher), Andy Kubert (Batman), Alex Maleev (Daredevil), Michael Turner (Variant Cover Extraordinare), JG Jones (DC Phenom), Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies).

Wizard World Philly kicks off at 12pm on Friday, May 30th and runs through Sunday, June 1st at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Starbuck & Six on Motorcycles … The Wetness Continues

One of the great things about BSG coming back in a month is that I can post as many Tricia Helfer pictures as I want without any justification. The latest come courtesy of Ms. Helfer’s blog.

Caprica Six & Starbuck Love American Hogs

Aside from being the best scripted show in television history, Battlestar Galactica happens to have its fair share of hotties. Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff being chief among them. Little did we know that the actresses share a love of motorcycles and wine. Tricia Helfer posted some shots on her blog of a recent trip through California wine country (a la Sideways). Any hopes of a wine induced Cylon lovemaking are dashed as later in the series we see Tricia’s husband. Dagger.

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