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The Nineties Called & They Want Their Trading Cards Back

One of the benefits of having nearly the entire run of the Marvel G.I. Joe comics is that I get to some of the finer things that the 1990s had to offer.  I recently revisited the back end of the Marvel run issues 109-137 and scanned some of the more interesting trading card advertisements for X-Men, Marvel Universe Series III, GI JOE, and LAFFS TV.

During the decade of all things neon companies wanted to make sure that not only did you spend your money on comic books; but they wanted you to use the rest of your allowance buying up trading cards as well.

I actively collected (and traded) the G.I. Joe series from Impel as well as the Marvel Universe from SkyBox.  Nothing would stop me from obtaining all of those limited edition, individually numbered gold-hologram special insert cards!

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