Let’s Enjoy A Look Back at the 1980 LEGO Assortment Guide

In a recent haul of vintage LEGO, one of the highlights was a near pristine copy of the official LEGO Assortment Guide from 1980.  At this point I would probably start to sound 1980_LEGOAssortment_CVRlike one of those crotchety old AFOLS who proclaim that, “back in my day we didn’t have all these modern purpose specific bricks”.

This specific assortment guide spans only a few pages but features some classic sets from the LEGOLAND Town and LEGOLAND Space themes.  Duplo, the often maligned (and forgetten) Fabuland, and the Universal Building and Expert Builder Series are featured as well.  The back cover features something called the LEGO Homemaker series which where focused on girls and allowed them to, “furnish her imagination …. 4 different rooms you can build and play house with.”

But I think we should just let these catalog scans speak for themselves and take a minute to enjoy the nostalgia wave and pine after these sets that are now reaching astronomical prices on the secondary market.

Did a German LEGO Catalog Reveal A Giant Plot Point for Captain America: Civil War?

The LEGO Group prides itself in its secrecy and leaks of their upcoming product line are few and far between.  Earlier today, images from a German retailer catalog showed off three sets based on the upcoming Marvel Studios film Captain America: Civil War.

LEGO_thumbIt looks like that for the first time we will be getting minifigs versions of Falcon, Crossbones, Agent 13 and Black Panther. And of course there will be the requisite updates to Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Iron Man, Winter Soldier.  Overall, the sets seem pretty great with all the necessary flick-fire missiles and extraneous vehicles that will most likely not even make it into the final film.

However there is one more giant minifig update after the jump, but be warned there are potential SPOILERS ahead!


Infuriating LEGO Math: The “Scooby Doo” Edition

img160x210_scooby-dooOn August 1st The LEGO Group will be releasing their line of sets based on Scooby Doo, which is a franchise that has been on television in one variation or another since 1969.  Cartoon Network is launching a new series, Be Cool, Scooby Doo, later this year and I guess it seemed as good a time as ever for some new merchandise.

Our LEGO Overlords are quite cruel when it comes to these licensed themes, breaking up teams across multiple sets to ensure that parents and AFOLs alike will have to spend a good amount of money to round out the group.

The members of Mystery Inc.are spread across five sets in this initial wave, with Shaggy and Scooby in every single set.  Velma and Fred appear in only one set each, with Daphne making an appearance in two sets.  There are two variations of Scooby Doo, one sitting and the other standing.  The sitting Scooby appears in two sets while the remaining three have the standing variants.

In order to complete the Mystery Inc. squad (that will give you both Scooby variants) you are going to have to pick up 75902 Mystery Machine, 75904 Mystery Mansion, and 75901 Mystery Plane Adventure at a total of $139.97!  Zoinks!!!!!

I have a distinct feeling that 75902 Mystery Machine will be the hottest seller of the bunch, and may prove difficult to locate at retail, much like 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash was leading up to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Keep in mind this pricing is based on the prices listed at LEGO Shop @ Home.  If you are shopping at Toys R Us or any of the big box retailers expect to pay a little bit more of a markup.

LEGO Unveils Another Unobtainable Comic Con Exclusive

If anything has been consistent about the pop culture nexus that is San Diego Comic Con is that year after year The LEGO Group’s exclusives remain the most ridiculously difficult to obtain for non-attendees.  It appears that the 2015 slate of exclusives will continue that trend; with the latest, an awesome brick built homage to Action Comics #1.


The 145-piece set does a pretty remarkable job of recreating Joe Shuster’s iconic comic book cover.  Like the other exclusives from The LEGO Group, a raffle will be held on site each day to determine who will be able to then lineup and purchase this set, which will sell for $39.99.  Expect this set to be at $250.00 on the secondary market by the time the first scalper clears the booth.


via [The Brick Fan]

Here’s Our First (Blurry) Look At The Upcoming LEGO Kwik-E-Mart

Last summer saw the release of (71006) The Simpsons House a 2500 piece behemoth that long time of the fans of America’s first family giddily embraced.  One of the long held rumors within the online LEGO community was that there would be another set based on The Simpsons coming in 2015.  And as early as last fall there were persistent unconfirmed reports that we would see Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s iconic convenience store in 2015 which many (myself included) were very skeptical of.

Today a user on LEGO fan forum Eurobricks posted a blurry snapshot of the upcoming set, which is believed to be slated for release on May 1st.

via lego_sid on Instagram

via lego_sid on Instagram

I fully expect this set to come in at a 2500 piece count and $199.99.  There’s so much detail on the front, I just cannot wait to see what the inside looks like.  I will be sure to update as soon as non-potato quality pictures make themselves available.

via [The Brick Fan & Eurobricks]

Zoinks! Scooby Doo Has Gone LEGO

It’s not even Toy Fair yet and there is some huge LEGO news breaking!  Earlier this week during the UK Toy Fair there were reports of a whole line of licensed Scooby Doo sets on display.  LEGO has notoriously strict photography policies when it comes to these reveals, but the spy reports indicated that ALL fans of Scooby Doo would be pleased with the results.

Earlier this morning USA Today had the first official look at (75902) Mystery Machine featuring the gang’s iconic van along with Fred, Shaggy, and Scooby.


The Mystery Machine will hit retail for $29.99 in August 2015 along with four additional sets: (75900) Mummy Museum Mystery,  (75901) Mystery Plane Adventures,  (75903) Haunted Lighthouse, and (75904) Mystery Mansion.

At this time there is no word as to whether or not Scrappy Doo may be making an appearance in one of these sets.  With New York Toy Fair just around the corner, I’d expect the full wave to be unveiled very shortly. I can’t even begin to describe the pure joy I experienced upon seeing the Mystery Machine in LEGO form … all I can say is INSTABUY!

And Here’s Our First Official Look at Age of Avengers LEGO Sets for 2015!

Earlier today a German 2015 LEGO Catalog made its way onto the LEGO subreddit giving us the almost official looks at the Avengers: Age of Ultron LEGO sets due our way next spring.  It looks as though we will be getting six sets and all of the Avengers will be presented in glorious minifigure form.

Avengers_LEGO1 Avengers_LEGO2 Avengers_LEGO3With the power of Google Translate the sets names and character breakdowns are below:

With the power of Google Translate the sets names and character breakdowns are below:

(76029) – Iron Man vs. Ultron — includes Iron Man and 2 Ultron Drones

(76030) – Duel with Hydra — includes Hawkeye and Thor

(76031) – Hulkbuster Rescue Mission — includes Iron Man, Hulk and Ultron

(76032) – Avengers Quinjet — includes Black Widow, Ultron, Vision and Captain America

(76038) – Raid on Avengers Tower — Iron Man, Thor, Iron Legion and Ultron

(76041) -Hydra Fortress — Quicksilver, Hulk, and Captain America

Of this whole lineup I must say that 76031 Hulkbuster Rescue Mission looks to be the standout for me.  I love that brick-built Hulkbuster Armor and I like the new paint applications on the Hulk.  The new version of the Quinjet looks stealthy and once again is the only way to get Black Widow!  Once again it looks as though it will be mighty expensive to complete the Avengers roster as all of the new characters are spread out across multiple sets … DAMN YOU LEGO OVERLORDS!!!!

**As the set names receive their proper English translation I will be sure to update this post accordingly.


Okay, So This Is The Best ‘Spaceballs’ LEGO You’ll Ever See

Leave it to Reddit to showcase another great Spaceballs themed LEGO creation.  This uncredited MOC showed up on the LEGO sub-Reddit earlier today and has garnered more than 3500 upvotes.  spaceballs_combAnd for those of you who don’t quite understand the reference I’ll direct you to this link.  At this point I think we can all agree that there really needs to be a concerted effort to have legitimate Spaceballs LEGO sets.

Come on AFOLs let’s get this up on LEGO Ideas already!

via [r/lego]

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