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Tom Hiddleston Doing Sam Jackson As Loki Is The Newest Best Internet Thing

How would have thought that then unknown British actor Tom Hiddleston would rise to such levels of love and adoration when he was cast as Loki in 2011’s Thor?.  After literally blowing Comic Con up this year with his appearance in character as Loki, Hiddleston continues to be awesome, and nerds and the Internet alike have embraced him.

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DDOY Review — Iron Man 3

After the credits rolled in my sold out 6:20PM showing last night for Iron Man 3, I have to say that I’ve never been more proud of myself of staying spoiler-free for a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.  In what I consider Robert Downey Jr.’s finest outing as Tony Stark, the big (and even the subtle) reveals are genuinely exciting, and completely unexpected based on the marketing for the film.


With Director Shane Black at the helm (who also co-wrote) there is in fact more Tony Stark “man of action” than Iron Man through the first two acts of the film, which carries us up to the huge reveal about The Mandarin and his nebulous terrorist organization.  There are things that I absolutely loved about Iron Man 3, while there are some nitpicks that I’ll discuss after the jump.  BE WARNED — Spoilers From This Point Forward —


Cowabunga! TMNT Lego Sets For 2013

Damn you LEGO overlords! Yesterday it was announced at New York Comic Con that in 2013 we will see sets based on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series.

LEGO released the first official images of 79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase on Thursday.  The set will retail for approximately $59.99 and will feature five minifigures including Michelangelo and Leonardo.

Here’s the thing, LEGO is devious when it comes to these licensed sets.  Take a look at the recent Marvel Superheroes and Lord of The Rings sets, it was impossible to get the entire lineup without spending at least $300 to $400.  For example, LEGO Loki was available in 3 separate sets, while The Black Widow and The Hulk were only available in one set each. And as far as Lord of The Rings goes, I’ll let you do the arithmetic.

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Like I Needed Another Reason To Buy The Avengers on Blu Ray

When The Avengers hits Blu Ray this September Marvel will be including another one of their live-action shorts as a special feature.  The plot summary via Ain’t It Cool News:

“Item 47”, follows SHIELD Agents as they to track down a pair of humans who have taken to robbing banks after they stumble upon an extraterrestrial weapon left behind by the invading Chitauri.

Oh and get this.  It stars Lizzy Caplan.  I’m thoroughly enamored of her, and to quote  AICN Talkbacker green gargantua, “she is on my short list as is Kat Dennings and Scarjoe , Marvel films thinks like my penis.”

The 12 minute short is set to premiere next week at San Diego Comic Con.  I think if Marvel might be on to something, as this could be a way to test the waters by introducing characters to the movie going audience at large.  How great would it be to have a Dr. Strange or Luke Cage short film before Captain America 2?

Credit: [Ain’t It Cool News]

And Here’s The Final Avengers Poster From Mondo (That None Of You Will Get)

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I have a love/hate relationship with Mondo.  They work with some fantastic artists on some of the hottest properties.  Their business model is one that is highly debated amongst fans and detractors alike.  Regardless, Mondo’s final Avengers poster by Tyler Stout will go on sale at some point today, which will be announced via Twitter.

As always, it’s a small edition size at 750 at $60.00.  The variant, which can be seen here is limited to 350 pieces and will be $110.00.  Good luck people, because I will be in the queue today trying to make this happen.

via [Cool & Collected]

Mondo Reveals Black Widow & Hawkeye, Bank Accounts Immediately Weep

Apparently Mondo, purveyors of super cool and limited edition movie posters will be releasing a series of 7 posters related to The Avengers.  They revealed the characters posters of Black Widow by Olly Moss and Hawkeye by Tom Whalen.









I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to obtain a Mondo print at the time of the release (I came *this* close during their Planet of the Apes series).  As much as I love the work of the artists, I can’t bring myself to pay the huge markup on the secondary market.

As always, the posters will be going up at a random time which will be announced on Twitter.  Black Widow goes on sale April 19th and Hawkeye will follow on April 20th.  Both are priced at $45 and the runs are extremely limited.

Despite my previous bouts of bad luck, I will be making an effort to pick up Hawkeye.  Tom Whalen is a favorite of mine, a local guy who I’ve bought various pieces from over the years at different conventions.  I just love the composition and the color palette.

Credit: [Robot6 @ ComicBookResources]


In The Latest Avengers Trailer, Hulk Smash

That’s it.  With two words I’m totally down for The Avengers.  I’m really liking the tone they are setting with these new trailers, and I’m very impressed with the CGI Hulk renders.  It looks as though third time might be around for the big green guy.  Also, I would like to take this time to acknowledge that I may have been hasty on calling for Skrulls … I now subscribe to the Krobonite Theory, but again I may be wrong.


By Thor’s Hammer, Chris Hemsworth Set for Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con

I’ve been going to Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con for quite a while, and I’ve never seen a lineup like the one they’ve amassed for the 2012 incarnation.  It’s pretty damn heavy on the celebrities with William Shatner and Stan Lee being the headliners… but that was until the most recent announcement that Chris Hemsworth would be in attendance.  Yeah, Thor is coming to Philadelphia this June.

With The Avengers opening a month before, I expect the only day he is attending, Saturday to be a total madhouse.  Now, if you wanted to get an autograph from Mr. Hemsworth, that will set you back $125.00.  Want a photo? That will be $100.00.  Or if you really wanted to meet him, you could shell out $350.00 for the VIP experience. So with Hemsworth in town, you can be sure that no one will be visiting Virgil’s booth this year.

You can check out the full press release after the jump:


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