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Arm Chair SDCC ’15 – Hall H Line Chaos, Transformers Combiner Wars, Mondo’s Mutant Turtles and More!

ArmchairSDCC15The dust has settled on the first day of San Diego Comic Con as attendees are hurrying back to their hotel rooms to try and flip exclusives on eBay or sneak into industry after parties.

While the big panels in Hall H are gearing up for Friday afternoon, there still was a fair bit of awesome stuff coming out today.  Read on for some of the highlights from day one!

The Hall H Line Almost Descended into Chaos!

Apparently some unscrupulous Hall H line waiters exploited a weakness in the crowd control barriers and were able to sneak through an area that was intended for ADA use.  their victory was short lived as the Internet outed them and the SDCC Sheriffs sent them packing.

[via Comics Beat]

AutobotTF_SDCC Combiner Wars Seriess … COMBINE & ROLL OUT! 

Hasbro announced that a “grown up”  animated Transformers series will be debuting later this year on Machinima.  It will be based on the current theme of Combiner Wars, so expect lots of gigantic robot on robot action with none of the Micheal Bay!

The Autobot combiner Superion is featured on the key art which was unveiled at the Hasbro panel, so I imagine that he will be playing a big part along with Devastator, Bruticus along with the all-new, all-female combiner Victorion   [via io9]

Mondo Goes Mutant

SDCC TMNT MondoThe Austin-based purveyors of limited edition posters, vinyl records and t-shirts quietly got into the collectibles game last year.  One of the biggest surprises in their booth was that they acquired the license to produce 1/6th scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.

These fully articulated action figures will have interchangeable heads for their comic and cartoon appearance along with a smattering of other accessories.

The word is that each of these figures will go for roughly $150 and Mondo is committed to producing the core characters.  The display was littered with teasers like Krang, Mousers and a 1:1 scaled Casey Jones mask.  These really do look fantastic but are WAY out of my discretionary spending budget.

[via Awesome Toy Blog]

Ben Affleck Will Direct the Solo ‘Batman’ Film

Everyone assumes at this point that part of getting Ben Affleck to sign on as the Caped Crusader was to guarantee that he’d get to direct himself in the planned stand alone Batflick.

Ben-Affleck-Batman-The biggest news is that Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer will cowriting the film with Affleck also.  It will be a while before Batman starts production as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League are all ahead of the project.

[via Comics Alliance]

Arm Chair Toy Fair ’15 – Ultra Magnus Surprises, Terminator Goes MegaBloks & Kotobukiya’s Hulkbuster


It is proving to be infinitely difficult trying to keep up with the bevy of announcements that came out of Toy Fair.  While many were disappointed about the lack of new Star Wars product due to pending release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, several properties from film, comics and television surprised everyone with some great new product for 2015.

Ultra Magnus Makes a Surprise Appearance – Despite my lifelong love affair with the Transformers, I can honestly say I have not actually purchased one in three years.  That may all change with the Generations Leader Class Ultra Magnus, which is based on his current look from the IDW Comics continuity.


Of all the reveals at this year’s Toy Fair I may have to say as a HUGE fan of the Generation One inspired Generations line … Ultra Magnus may be my favorite so far, even if he can’t hold onto the Matrix of Leadership for more than five minutes.  [via TFW2005]

Image via Action Figure Insider

Image via Action Figure Insider

Terminator Genisys Goes Mega Bloks?!?

It looks as though Mega Bloks picked up the license for construction sets based on the upcoming film Terminator Genisys.  During Mattel’s “collector’s event” Sunday morning they had a rather impressive T-800 bust on display.

This is a huge step up for the Terminator franchise being that the last construction sets were made by a cheap Chinese LEGO-knock off company.

I have not seen any details regarding the license, but from what was on display it appears that the sets coming out this year are for the new film only.  I will update accordingly as more information makes its way onto the Internet.  As a LEGO loyalist, I have typically veered away from Mega Bloks; but it seems like they have done a good job with their HALO, Call of Duty and Titanfall construction sets. [via Action Figure Insider]

Hulkbuster! Hulkbuster! HULKBUSTER!!!!  From everyone that was on the ground at Toy Fair, it was clear that Marvel is doubling down on Tony Stark’s fan favorite suit of armor to be a big seller later this year.  Of everything Hulkbuster related, I must say that I am completely in lust Kotobukiya’s Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster ArtFx statue.


Image via Toy News International


Release date and MSRP is still to be decided, but figure on the second half of 2015 with a price point around $250.00 [via ToyNewsI]

Finally, A Felicity Smoak I Can Take Home Without Being Arrested – DC Collectibles showed off the latest action figures from the pair of highly successful CW series The Flash and Arrow.  Later this year fans can expect a masked Oliver Queen as Arrow, Arsenal, John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.  On The Flash side of things we will get Barry Allen as The Flash along with Captain Cold. [via ToyArk]



Armchair SDCC ’14 — Batfleck, Thunderbirds, Batman ’66 & The Return of The Real Ghostbusters!

armchairSDCC14It’s Friday and the bigger panels are just starting to get underway.  Throughout the rest of the day expect bigger and better information to start tweeting out of the myriad of panels as well as the show floor.  There’s quite literally something for everyone, and I am only covering a mere fraction of what is out there.  It only gets better from here on out!

It’s Batfleck … Ahem BATMAN

To sate the appetites of DC fanboys Warner Bros. released a full color headshot of Ben Affleck in his Batman cowl from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I imagine that we will be seeing quite a bit more of Batfleck before San Diego Comic Con is over.


[via Coming Soon]

Thunderbirds Are GO …. Again!!!!!

Thunderbirds-promo-imageUnbeknownst to me, WETA has been working on a new Thunderbirds project titled Thunderbirds Are Go! which will be a CGI / Live Action hybrid.  Apparently all of the sets will be scaled models and the characters will be full on CGI.  Sadly there will be no puppets in this iteration!

WETA had a model of Thunderbird 1 on display on their booth and it is extremely faithful to the original series.

/Film snapped a few pictures of the Thunderbird 1 model in its super-marionation-less glory. The 26-episode first season will be ready for broadcast in 2015.  [via /Film]


After years of bickering between studios the complete 1960’s Batman television series starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin will be coming to Bluray and DVD later this fall.  There will be a couple different versions available including a killer set complete with a Batmobile.

Print[via ToyNewsI



Hasbro is bringing back combiners in a major way in 2015.  Today they unveiled new versions of Menasor and Superion during their panel and they are very faithful to their Generation 1 predecessors.  [via TFW2005]


During the MattyPalooza Panel there was a not so subtle hint that new version of The Real Ghostbusters action figures would be coming in 2015.  I am not so confident in the execution as Mattel really bungled the first Ghostbusters line which tanked due to poor character selection, few accessories, and endless repaints.


[via @Ghostbusters on Twitter

With The Dinobot Special Edition SDCC Set, We Can Now Confirm That Hasbro Is Drunk

Today IGN had the pleasure of unveiling Hasbro’s latest San Diego Comic Con exclusive Transformers set and it is completely ludicrous.  The Dinobot Special Edition set features the new Dinobots from Transformers: Age of Extinction line repainted as their G1 counterparts.  And what’s even better … the box unfolds to a play set of the Autobot Ark and Mt. Hilary from the G1 cartoon.

via IGN.com

via IGN.com

The Dinobots Special Edition Set features Voyager-scale Grimlock, and Deluxe-scale Snarl. Strafe, and Slug and will retail for $159.99.  For those of us that won’t be attending San Diego Comic Con a limited quantity will be available after the show on Hasbro Toy Shop.

While I am bypassing most of the Transformers: Age of Extinction line at retail, I may have to make an attempt to snap this up due to its blatant tugging at my nostalgia nerve center.  When Hasbro announced the Optimus Prime as a hair metal rocker in the Knights of Unicron set everyone thought the Transformers team at Hasbro was out of their minds.  With this new reveal we can all agree that they are just drunk.

Credit: [IGN via TFW2005]

The Neutral Zone: Angry Birds, Star Wars Black, & Philadelphia Comic Con

The Neutral Zone is a recurring feature which highlights some of the best the Internet has to offer.  Submissions and suggestions are always welcome.


Angry Birds Transformers have the touch! In another example of corporate synergy, Hasbro and Rovio are teaming up for their newest mashup.  The new game is set to be released later this summer for every possible mobile device.


While I am often highly critical of these corporate hijinks, I do have to give Hasbro and Rovio credit for this really cool poster which channels the 1986 animated feature film.

via [TFW2005]


10 Things Learned From 80’s Toys R Us Commericals via [Rediscover The 80’s]


Internet spy reports are indicating that fan favorite characters Bossk, Han Solo in Storm Trooper Disguise, and C-3PO are being included in a wave of 6 inch Star Wars: Black action figures due later this fall.  Additionally boxed photos of the next wave featuring Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Sand Trooper have leaked online.

via Rebelscum.com

via Rebelscum.com

via [Jedi Temple Insider & Rebel Scum]


Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con kicks off this Thursday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and runs throughout the weekend.  Four-day passes are sold out but single days tickets and VIP packages are still available for purchase.  The line for the Doctor Who panel starts on Friday morning.

via [Wizard World]


The Dinobots Are on Fire in The Latest Transformers: Age of Extinction Spot

With the release of Transformers: Age of Exctinction only weeks away, the marketing campaign is in full blitz.  A flurry of spots have made their way onto the Interwebs, my favorite thus far is the one featuring the Dinobots which I’ve embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

What are the odds His Bayness will throw OG Transformers fans a bone with a “ME GRIMLOCK!”?  I’m thinking not likely at this point.  Transformers: Age of Extinction opens up June 27th and will surely dominate the July 4th holiday weekend.

via [TFW2005]

Guardians of the Galaxy May Very Well Be The New Serenity

This Monday we’re getting a new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, until then take comfort in this teaser for the new trailer (I really do hate that this is a thing now) which is giving me significant Firefly/Serenity vibes.

Despite the fact we already have a new Godzilla in theaters and a new Transformers flick featuring Marky Mark; without a doubt Guardians of the Galaxy is my most anticipated film of the summer. All I want to know is it Monday yet?

via [io9]

Imagine Dragons is the new Linkin Park for Transformers: Age of Extinction

To date every installment in Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise has included the musical talents of Linkin Park.  With the idea that Transformers: Age of Extinction is the jump start to a new trilogy of Transformers films it makes sense that a new musical contributor was brought on board … enter Imagine Dragons.


The Transformers: Age of Extinction YouTube channel posted a new clip announcing Imagine Dragons’ involvement and that their song “Battle Cry” will be used as the film’s theme.

What’s also important to note is that these new clip is the first footage of the Autobot Hound (voiced by John Goodman) and a fire breathing Grimlock.  Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27.

via [TFW2005]

Godzilla & Grimlock Combine In The Most Epic Of T-Shirts

Today at TeeFury the two greatest dinosaurs in pop culture combine to form Grimzilla!

grimzilla_tfThis shirt, designed by Brinkerhoff, will only be available for 24 hours and can be yours for the low, low price of $11 + shipping.  If you haven’t purchased one of their limited edition tees yet I can assure you that as a long time TeeFury-ite that their quality and customer service is top notch

via [TeeFury]

Acid Free Gallery’s Latest Transformers Prints Are A Dose of G1 Greatness


Today Acid Free Gallery unveiled a set of G1-inspired Transformers prints by fan-favorite artist Guido Guidi.  Both prints will be limited to a run of 200 pieces, with a glow in the dark variant limited at 100 pieces.  The prints will go up for sale on Acid Free Gallery’s website next Thursday, March 27th at 12:30PM.

Head on over to Acid Free Gallery to take a peek at the glow in the dark variant as well as some of their previous Transformers related reviews.

via [ Acid Free Gallery Blog ]

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