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My Pull List: Ultimate Iron Man II #5, Wolverine #68, The Walking Dead #51

This past Monday I picked up nearly a month’s worth of comics and instead of drawing out specific issues for review. I’ll give you a rapid review session even though some of these titles are more than a couple of weeks old.

Ultimate Iron Man #II #5Ultimate Iron Man II #5 This mini, penned by Mormon author extraordinaire Orson Scott Card saw its first issue released in December 2007. I enjoyed the first mini as it came out right as I was embracing The Ultimates and figured that it shoe horned rather well into what I was reading at the time. I was absolutely surprised to see this in my pull list this past week. I totally forgot that we were waiting for the final issue of Ultimate Iron Man II. And all I can say is that this issue and more importantly this mini was a piece of shit. I’m sorry for all of you who loved Ender’s Game (I’ve never read it), but I reread all of Ultimate Iron Man II and it affirmed my initial suspicions … this was a waste of money.

Wolverine #68: Old Man Logan Wolverine #68 I’ve said it many times before, I don’t read X-Men books. For many years I’ve seen the X-Men as existing well outside the regular Marvel continuity for quite some time, that is except for Wolverine. For the last four years Wolverine has popped up in pretty much every mainline title and then some. He’s becoming the Will Ferrell of the Marvel U with the amount of cameos he has.

So what made me pick up Mark Millar’s run on Wolverine? His Old Man Logan storyline, which features a Logan 50 years from now in an America ravaged by super villians. We catch up with Logan as a farmer barely making a living on land that he rents from the imbred descendants of the Hulk. It’s a post-apocalyptic wonderland of oddities, where people worship Thor’s hammer in hopes he’ll return and a blind Hawkeye is running drugs to the east coast. An absolutely fantastic read that I highly recommend.

The Walking Dead #51 The Walking Dead #51 It wouldn’t be worth counting the times I talked about how much I love Robert Kirkman’s work on The Walking Dead. It is the book that attracted me back into the comic fold, and for that I am forever grateful for. However, Mr. Kirkman … let’s move this bitch along. We can all agree that #50 which was hailed as “game changing” was far too drawn out for its own good. With the drastic changes we’ve seen in the cast of characters, it is completely understandable that Rick and his son are barely hanging onto their sanity and as we saw in this issue … their humanity. Kirkman has billed this story as the “zombie movie that doesn’t end”. This transitional arc has been dragging and with the sneak peaks we’ve been getting indicate a brand new scope in story telling … which the fans are desperate for. Come on Kirkman, pick it up! A decent read, especially for long time fans and the preview for next issue will begin to answer some post prison-attack questions.

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